Sunday, September 4, 2016

Saturday night live... in real life

This is a picture I took outside yesterday. It's a dragon fly (we called them "mosquito hawks" when I was young) that was sitting on the bushes when I went to the car. We used to see them all over the place years ago. Now... not so much.

It's Saturday night... DH is watching football and I'm watching ""The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" - not much on TV tonight. There is a marathon of "Murder She Wrote", but I've seen most of those. And actually I've seen this movie before also, but it's interesting... about a group of Seniors who move to India in an attempt to spend their remaining years with limited financial means. It's about acceptance and the ability to adapt. It's not a place where I would want to spend my advancing years, yet there is something about it that intrigues me. I especially like the young Indian man who owns the hotel and uses the saying, "Everything will be alright in the end, and if it's not alright... then it's not the end". 

one of our feral kittens laying on back porch

Our skunk has been back to visit quite a bit. It's usually late at night and the outside cats don't seem to mind... although they do keep their distance. There is a little possum that also comes by in the front each night. 

Oh, I started driving again this week. I probably could have driven sooner, but since my left eye had it's cataract surgery, it's made me a little "off- balanced" feeling. However,  it's getting better each day and I felt that the time had come. Anyway, I went to Barnes and Noble to get a new book since they had a 40% off coupon for their Labor Day Sale.  I ended up with "The Dark Witch" book, one of a Nora Roberts Irish trilogy. And I  met a friend for coffee at LaMadeleine's. And... the doctor's office called to schedule my right eye surgery - which will be in a few weeks.

Can you believe that the summer is over and September is here? The kids are back in school... and Halloween (and even Christmas in some places - like Cracker Barrel) decorations are beginning to show up. Funny thing is, I keep my "Merry Christmas" sign on the front door year round... (because I like it and also because I don't have any other sign to replace it), But recently I hung up a bat (for Halloween) beside it. It may not be seasonally correct, but my 3 year old grand daughter likes it!

On another thought, I read recently that in order to avoid dementia or Alzheimer's in old age, one should learn a new word in a new language every day as well as possibly learn a musical instrument. These things keep the mind active by making new neuro-connections (to put it simply). They also recommended certain foods... which is something most of us have heard before.  There are no guarantees, but  I think possibly it boils down to being willing to accept change and to never stop learning new things. 

I'm OK with that.  How about you?


  1. That is a beautiful dragon fly. You are right--I have seen very few these last several years.

  2. I so enjoyed that movie! I haven't seen the second one, though. Fantastic cast, and of course who doesn't adore and admire both Judi Dench and Maggie Smith? Fabulous actors.

    Feral cats are one thing, skunks and possums another. I've never seen a possum in real life, though once in a long while come across a skunk (and keep my distance!). It's like the Wonderful World of Disney in your back yard. Pretty neat. Fodder for photos!

    I think the key is to stay active, physically and mentally, and stay engaged in the world as long as possible. Nope, no guarantees. Sometimes I think I'm doomed, because I'm such an introvert and keep to myself a lot outside of work. Don't laugh -- even though I've got years of full-time work ahead (unless that lottery win comes along) I've already looked at the programs the senior's centre in our city offers. Surprisingly, I do see quite a few things that I'd be interested in, and offered during the day time too, which will be perfect. Assuming I'm blessed to live to retirement -- no guarantee of that.

    Take care, have a great week ahead!

    1. I have seen both movies... but it has been a while. And you are right, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith are wonderful to watch.
      Here there are programs at the colleges free to those over 65. I think you can take 6 hrs per semester at no charge. Do you have that available in Canada? It would be worth looking into...

  3. I saw both movies, and the first one was way better than the second. But they are both nice for older people. Glad to hear you're getting your second eye done soon. And yes to learning new things our whole life long! :-)

    1. Yes, I'll be glad to have both eyes over and done... and not have to worry about that Narrow Angle Glaucoma. And you know, learning new things is sometimes more fun now than it used to be (maybe because now at this stage of our life, it's our choice and not a requirement).

  4. I did see that Marigold movie mainly because I am a huge Judi Dench fan. Discovered her in the series As Time Goes By(I still watch the reruns)and have followed her since.
    I had a swarm of mosquito hawks this year, I mean a ton of them. The odd thing is that I never have mosquitoes for them to eat.
    Glad you are back driving and hope the second surgery goes as well as the last. Wonderful what they can do these days.

    1. Patti, I also watch the "As Time goes by" reruns. Judi Dench is great.
      As for the mosquito hawks, I'm glad you have a ton of them... maybe they eat the mosquitoes so fast you don't get to see them... which is great with all the hoopla about West Nile and Zika.

  5. Yes, I am totally okay with continuing to learn. It makes life interesting. My only problem is that I don’t always remember what I’ve learned. Does that make it a wasted effort?

    I’ve had tat film on DVD for ages and ages but still haven’t watched it. Everybody says it’s great, let’s hope for a rainy day soon.

    1. Friko, ss far as continuing to learn... and then not remembering it - I'd say just re-learn it as needed.
      And as far as that Marigold movie being 'great'... not sure about that. But it is interesting.


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