Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still playing with clay...

It's Wednesday and DH and I are home. And for various reasons we can't walk at the mall nor do our neighborhood crime patrol. But we did make a run to the grocery earlier where I picked up 2 lovely red bell pepper plants to start a veggie area on the south side of our house. We've never been able to grow much in the back (...except feral cats and kittens) due to all the trees and shade, but I decided that perhaps I would do a "potted" garden on the south side by our driveway. It's fenced in and it would give me a chance to see if things would grow there.

And of course since I'm stuck at home (and it's too soon to do any heavy Easter cleaning), I'm playing around with clay a bit. 

clay nesting chicken

clay chicks

roughed out clay duck

Sometimes I *rough out* a critter and then decide to leave him that way...  I may do that with this duck.

While I was playing with the clay in the front room (which still has the remnants of my quilting recently), Julie and Tux made themselves comfortable on the big chair by the fireplace. They looked so comfy that I took a picture to share with you. 

Julie and Tux

And I have to show you this because I love it so...  a very good friend of mine that has pushed me for years to have some things published actually used Word Publisher and made me a copy of one of my stories. 

my book!!

I've had manuscripts around here for years of stories I've written, but never wanted to go to the trouble of marketing. But I have to admit it is an amazing feeling to see your work in *book form*... with your name (Sheri Hart is my pen name) on it.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. The chicks and duck are adorable, and I just love the photo of Julie and Tux snuggled up together. So sweet!

    What a lovely gift, to put together one of your stories! Such a lovely cover too.

    Take care; purrs from Nicki and Derry.

    1. Thanks, Kim. Julie and Tux are siblings and take care of each other. I worried about Tux after their brother Jack died... as Jack and Tux had stuck together since their birth. But Tux has done fine.
      And yes, it was a lovely thoughtful gift (the book). I was amazed.

  2. Well, it's also nice to know a published author! I love your chicks and duck, they are precious. And yes, those two kitties are the height of relaxation. :-)

    1. Well, I don't know if that's true... since it's only one book... and my friend published it for me. But we are looking into having a few more made... just for family.
      The duck is probably a one time thing, but he didn't come out too bad.

  3. How lovely of your friend to publish your stories. It will be something for you and your family to treasure for years to come.

    Love the photo of the cats, of course, and the little clay chicks are adorable!


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