Wednesday, October 23, 2019

7- 9 tornadoes!

Sunday night here was one to be remembered. The sirens went off around 9 PM, then between the iPhone alerts, TV newscasters and storm trackers - apparently a tornado had touched down in North Dallas and was cutting a path through Richardson (where we live). 

DH stayed close to the TV - but grandson and I sat in the middle of the hall with the cats as we were told to take cover in a closet or middle bathroom.  Our youngest son and his family live in Rowlett - about 20 minutes away and his power went out even before the warnings began.So we were keeping in touch with him by cell phone. Rowlett was  the area hit by the day after Christmas tornado about 4 years ago that decimated so many Rowlett neighborhoods.  

The alerts and alarms continued. Finally we thought the worse was over around 11PM and went to bed - only to be awakened by our house security alarm blaring "tornado warning!!" again. We gave up and decided it best to stay up until all was clear - which was about 2 AM. 

The next morning the destruction was visible. We were so-oo lucky as the damage from the E3 tornado ran from Walnut Hill (our old stomping grounds) through Richardson (where we now live) but stayed about 2 intersections from our house. 

Most neighborhoods in the area lost power. Several lost homes, roofs, fences. Both Dallas and Richardson schools were closed Monday either from damage or loss of power. Some won't reopen. 

Getting to class on Tuesday when power was restored to the college was a mess. Streets lights were not working, police cars and fire trucks blocked roadways, power lines down, etc. What usually takes 15-20 minutes to get to the campus took us nearly an hour.They should have said "power restored, school open" but added "good luck getting there!"

Our doctor's office is intact... but no power. Our favorite drugstore/pharmacy where DH just got his Shingles vaccine is part of the shopping center that was destroyed at Preston and Royal. 

Yes, this one was a bit too close for comfort. They said that there were 7-9 tornadoes in all (most couldn't be seen in the cover of darkness) and that the E3 one took debris up 20,000 feet! (We did find a portion of someone's roof and insulation on our front lawn.)

This is just a report on the last few days here in our little corner of Texas. We were very very lucky, but many weren't.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. But... no lives were lost - which is a miracle in itself!



  1. I am very glad to hear you are safe. My heart goes out to all the people who suffer through catastrophic weather.

  2. Oh how frightening. So happy you made it through without damage and injury but so sad for those it did affect that way. Tornadoes are not for the faint of heart.

  3. so glad you are all well, very scary indeed, I remember watching low lying clouds across our pasture in Arkansas and thinking the clouds, oh so still, looked so beautiful, apparently the low lying scuds below the main cloud formation were ominous and the beginnings of tornadoes, little did I know

  4. Glad you are safe and it's over, for this time. Tornadoes are awful.

  5. That a very scary tornado! Glad to hear you are okay. :-)

  6. That must have been very frightening! I'm glad to hear you came out unscathed, but of course, not everyone. I imagine tornados at night are worse, as you can't look to the sky to really gauge what is happening. -Jenn

  7. Oh, my gosh, I can't imagine the fear you would have experienced. I'm so glad you're all safe, but my thoughts and prayers are with all who have been impacted.

  8. Oh my, I'm so glad you and your family are safe. It's sad to hear about the damage and destruction suffered by others. I wish everyone the best in the recovery from the storm.

  9. That was entirely too close and I am so grateful that you were spared. The damage they do is war zone like. At least they got your power back on relatively quick. My prayers are for all those hurting and hope you are spared anymore such storms.

    1. Yes, Patti... entirely too close. It's strange because you can't see anything... just hear the reports that it is down in your area and to take cover. It happens often enough that although anxious, we aren't really afraid. But when you drive down the street now and see all the destruction, it hits you as to just how close it was.

  10. Rian, I'm so glad you and your family are okay. Just reading about what a night that was gave me goosebumps. Tornadoes are so scary.


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