Monday, June 28, 2021

our family's dogs... and other things

All 3 of our children have dogs.  Our oldest son and his wife have a Golden Doodle.  They came by to visit yesterday (live about an hour and a half away) and brought Winston with them. Here are a few pics:


He is a beautiful dog... and a big baby (of course he is only 8 months old). But he listens well and seems to be very friendly and curious. He is the one who has Fred, the toad, as his buddy.

loves TV

Our daughter and her family in the hill country have only one dog at the moment . They lost an old dog recently, so being down to one dog in the house is strange for them (but they also have a cat, 2 horses, several turtles, and chickens).  Their dog is a Great Dane named Moose. He is a sweetie too. Loves people!  Here is a few pics of him:

Moose at the table

Moose in daughter' office at work

And youngest son and his family have Cookie, a French Bulldog. She too is a sweetheart... and is my 8 year old granddaughter's constant companion. They lost their old cat not too long ago, but also have a few snakes and turtles around the house.  Here is a a few pics of Cookie:

Cookie and granddaughter

So, as you can see, our family is very animal friendly. And when oldest son and wife visited yesterday, they brought us 2 large cat trees for our back porch. They figured the feral cats would enjoy them... and I'm sure they will. Right now the cats are suspicious, not sure exactly what to think of these strange new structures that have suddenly appeared. But I plan to take pictures once I see some activity on them.


Now I have a question:

Does anyone recognize this?

My mother-in-law gave me these pieces years ago.  I don't think they make them anymore. I used to use them, but haven't in years. Just wondering what to do with them. Guess I could sell them on ebay? Any suggestions?

I'm trying to slowly clean out things around here, but when you've been in a house for 35 years, there's so much stuffed away in boxes and closets... and the garage and attic, etc. that it's an almost impossible task. I feel like it's difficult to make a dent in it. 

My friend says to just leave it for the kids to go through after we've gone, but I hate to do that. Had to do that for my brother and my mom and it's such a difficult job... and sad... I'd like to at least lessen the burden a bit. 

I also have a ton of mom's jewelry... a few good things I kept, but I'm not a jewelry person and mom had tons of costume jewelry. What do you do with stuff like that?


Now this week we're heading to Ham's Peach Orchard in Terrell, TX. It's a fun place to go... and shop. I've posted about it before. We missed it last year as it was closed down with the pandemic. But we heard that they were opening again... cautiously... masks required upon entering and only so many allowed inside the shop at a time. That's OK with us. They sell their peaches and all types of products made with peaches from salsa's to pies, cakes, and ice-cream, etc.  They also sell local fresh fruit and veggies... can't wait. And I will take some pics!

Hope everyone has a great week! Next week is the 4th of July... and my 76th birthday... growing up we always celebrated my birthday on the 4th with the family and a picnic out by the lake. Now DH and I don't celebrate much... (his is the following week in July), but we generally go out to eat with the kids or just get a cake and celebrate quietly at home. It's enough. 

Take care, be safe, and as always, thanks for coming by! 

Hugs (virtual),




  1. That's quite the variety of dogs! I'm sure the ferals will soon be grateful for another spot to relax on the porch.

    I googled your Guardian service cookware and found one very similar to the first one listed on E-Bay for $75 USD. Some options might be to find an antique dealer who might buy the from you, or perhaps one of your adult children or grandchildren might monitor the E-Bay sale site for you?

    I agree, going through my parent's home was tough and we ended up sending so much to the dump which was such a shame. I recall from many years ago, our daycare loved to get costume jewelry but these days who knows.

    Enjoy your trip to the Orchard, it sounds wonderful!

    1. Late commenting. Computer crashed right after I posted. Just got it back. We also missed our trip to Ham's Orchard since it was raining that morning and I didn't want to go in the rain. We will try again next week.

  2. Cute dogs, cute kids and grandkids. I don't know what the bowls are, but if they're sterling silver they're worth something (even if the kids don't want them). Happy 4th!

    1. Sorry I'm late responding. Laptop crashed right after I posted. Just got it back this afternoon. And no, they are not silver... just some sort of heavy aluminum. I may check with the kids to see if they'd like to keep them.

  3. I don't recognize the cookware. You might try searching EBay.

    1. No, I don't remember these being around when I was setting up house. But my mother-in-law was born in 1917 and got married when she was 15... so she's had them a very long time. And I did use them. They cook well.

  4. Loved all the family dogs. Winston was a hoot watching TV and I have a weakness for Danes. How nice celebrating your birthday along with the whole nation. Hope you and DH have a wonderful time with the family.

    1. Hi Patti, the family dogs are all good natured animals. Winston loves TV and both he and Moose would like to be lap dogs. DH is not a big dog lover... (prefers cats), but we laugh because the dogs love him.

  5. Aw, Winston, Moose and Cookie are sweeties. ♥

    I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the ferals playing on the cat trees, that will fun to see!

    As for going through things and donating or giving away what you can now...I, personally, think that's a great idea. I disagree with leaving it all for one's children; it's such a difficult thing for grieving family members to have to do. If there are things, like your mom's costume jewelry, that neither you nor other family members want, donate it to a charity that you support. Some of the non-profit thrift stores here have regular auctions on their *good* items to raise extra money. Or donate things like that to a local theatre group (for instance, through a high school or community theatre group) for their costumes. Or give/sell to a vintage shop, lots of people buy things like that. I like to poke around in stores like that with a couple of friends, even though I don't collect anything.

    Enjoy the trip to the orchard! I'm sure you'll be baking several peach-somethings after that! :-)

    1. So far the ferals are mostly sniffing around the cat trees. One actually climbed up in it but didn't stay long. I will entice them up with some cat treats scattered around leading up into the tree. I'm sure eventually they will quit being suspicious... and I will take some pics.
      We rescheduled the orchard trip to next week because of all the rain. And yes, I do plan to bake some peach -somethings!!

  6. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and I look forward to seeing what the ferals end up doing with those new structures.

    1. Thanks, DJan. I told my young granddaughter that I was going to think about going backwards with my birthdays starting this year. I think 75 is a good time to do that. Next year I plan to be 74 instead of 76. Getting a bit too close to the edge. (kidding of course!... kind of)

  7. Not a surprise that your children are all animal lovers! I am sure the ferals will figure out the new furnishings eventually,

    1. No, the apples don't fall too far... and yes, the ferals will eventually accept these new strange structures.


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