Tuesday, June 23, 2015

2 new toys...

Keurig 2.0

Guess what?  DH and I have 2 new toys (well, really 3)!  This past weekend (Father's Day) the kids were coming over Sunday for some White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake (and ice-cream of course)... so-oo I decided to unveil something we had bought a few months back. It was a Keurig 2.0 - the coffeemaker that can make a carafe as well as a cup. We had gotten it with online Keurig points back in March, but hadn't had a reason to use it. 

It took a little bit of playing around with to get it to work. Like everything else technical these days, it asks a bunch of questions... before actually getting it programmed to just make coffee. I mean... it has a *night light*, and asks what color light would you prefer.... blue, green, white, or yellow? Really? I WANT COFFEE! 

Anyway, once we got it figured out, it worked fine. But now since DH and I don't need to make a whole carafe for the 2 of us, I will put it away until it's needed again.

This one is mine. DH's is black.

Now... for the exciting toys!  As of today, DH and I are both the owners of iPhone 6's!  And we didn't plan this. It just happened. Being retired (and on that ominous limited income), we decided that we really weren't up to continuing to pay the almost $200/month for our 2 iPhone 4's. As much as I love my iPhone and use almost every app (except games), it was too expensive... and to be honest, we didn't use but 10% of all the minutes and data we had. So we decided to shop around starting today with Sprint. 

Now, we have been with Sprint before and the only reason we had left was because a few years back, the kids convinced us that we all needed iPhones... and at that time, Sprint didn't have iPhones... so we switched to AT&T.  But today Sprint was happy to give us 2 new iPhone 6's as well as cut our phone bill in half!  And the young man that assisted us was so helpful and knowledgeable that we were impressed. 

DH (who doesn't use half the apps) loves the "speak your text" part as his hands are large and texting with his fingers can be difficult. Personally I think I'm going to love the enhanced photography!!

Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you. I'll try to take some photos here and there and post them soon. There's supposed to be a slow motion video that should be fun....

Have a good week!


  1. I love my iPhone 6 and have decided it takes better pictures than my camera. And you'll love that health app if you like to see how much you have done for the day, like I do. Congratulations on your new purchase, and I look forward to seeing your pictures on here. :-)

    1. DJan, I'm not sure how that health app works, but I plan to ask at the Apple store soon.

  2. Have fun with the new iPhones--always fun to explore new toys. I hate how everything has a light on it.

    1. Hi Olga, we are still exploring all the things the iPhone 6 can do...

  3. You're far ahead of me...I make calls, text, and check Facebook on my phone and that's about it. I've never used a single app...and there appear to be many on my Sony,

    Have fun with your new toys!

    1. Oh, Eileen, I do use all the apps... especially the camera, texting, calendar, and notes... where I keep all the info that people ask for at one time or other... like my student ID #, date of last flu shot, name of medication, list of allergies, etc. etc. I could never remember all these things and with my iPhone, the info is always at my fingertips. But that's just me. I actually hardly ever use it to *phone* someone...


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