Thursday, September 3, 2015

September, cat boxes, and baby chicks...

September is here! Can you believe? Our hot summer is over! ... not hardly... and it really wasn't that hot. I mean, we did have a few triple digit days (100 - 107 F), but not that many. So all in all, it wasn't a bad summer. And since it started slowly with such a wet spring, there's no reason to complain. 

Black ferals in trees

Now... I may complain about the winter even before it gets here. The cold and I don't do well... never have. Guess us "Southerners" have thin blood (or maybe it's just me). I do do better with layering since my Alaska trip, but still once I get chilled to the bone, I stay cold. We could call it 'old age', but actually I've always been this way (daughter too). There have been times when only a hot shower will raise my body temp back up where I'm not shivering. 

Will it be a bad winter? I don't know, and haven't heard any predictions. I did read somewhere that with El Nino, we may have a wet winter and some areas (like NY) may have even more snow (seems like they had an awful lot of snow last winter). But it's never wise to worry about something that hasn't happened yet... so I won't. But I will make sure DH and I have plenty of  warm clothing, blankets, and hot soup on hand (as well as get our annual flu shots!... and of course heat lamps and lots of warm hay for the outside ferals!)

Now on another topic.  Started my genealogy class yesterday. It was OK.  We sat in front of computers and our instructor ran through the syllabus and a list of online genealogy websites. He explained how to basically surf the sites to get where you want to go. However, most of the sites that we checked out were US sites only. When I asked about this, he said that world sites were available also... but they may not be in the 13 Favorite Sites list he gave us. He said that some may have world access, some may not. 

Since my paternal grandfather only immigrated to the US from England in 1920, almost all the info I need to search his family tree will be outside the US. And it's not that world sites aren't available, it's just that I thought that perhaps they would be more available (meaning free) through this class. This may not be so, so I'm a little discouraged.

Tux was first to claim Keurig coffee box!

We get our Keurig k-cups by ordering from and so have a constant supply of boxes for cats to play in. Tux is generally the first to jump in and claim it, but the others will hang around and wait their turn. 

Julie's turn!

And great news!  I have 5 (so far) grandchicks!  Let me explain. Last year a baby chick (at my daughter's place) hatched on my birthday. My grand daughter named it Rian for me. Now Rian laid 9 eggs and hid them underneath the Chicken Coop. They just started hatching today and so far, I have 5 grandchicks! Isn't that wonderful?

picture grand daughter sent of Rian and 4 of her chicks
Aren't they cute?


  1. I like the little brown and white one.

  2. Yes, they are definitely cute! Smart Rian to hide the eggs so they wouldn't get taken for omelets. And cats and boxes will always go together. :-)

    1. She was smart, wasn't she? My daughter wasn't going to let any more hatch... but now Rian found a way.

  3. Congrats on your grandchicks! I actually remember the chick hatching on your birthday...but was it only last year? LOL. Feels longer. They're certainly cute. So are the feral cats hanging out in the tree.

    I'm avoiding thinking about winter, because it means far too many months of ice, snow, sub-zero temps....Shudder.

    Good luck with the genealogy class. You need to get on "Who do you think you are?" :-) Of course that's only done for "famous" people -- too bad!

    1. Yes, I went back to July 6, 2014 and there was my little Rian... freshly hatched.
      And I love seeing the ferals hanging out in the trees, they look like little black panthers.
      As for the genealogy... we do get to horn in on ex-president Reagan's ancestry. Someone sent me something that was printed in the newspaper for him when he went to Ireland to trace his roots. Apparently Reagan, Regan, O'Regan, etc. are all different spellings of the same name...

  4. For a minute I thought you had chicks in your back yard!
    I pursued genealogy, until my granddaughters arrived, mostly And, paid more for an international subscription.

    1. Chicks wouldn't last long in our backyard! is great... but expensive... especially the world-wide one.

  5. Hilarious, love the grandchicks!

    Good luck with the genealogy. I'm grateful that a distant cousin did a lot of work and wrote a history book for the family several years ago. The only problem was the information my aunt gave him was incorrect so the birth dates for our family are off by a year.

    I don't think the dislike of the cold is just you. I've lived in Saskatchewan all life and the older I get the worse I hate winter. Just 3 1/2 years and I'll be moving where winters are milder!

    1. One of my aunts did a lot of genealogy and even had an old book that traced back the family on my mom's side... but almost everything she had was lost in Katrina... including the book.


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