Saturday, September 5, 2015

a ghost of a cat...

This is Ghost...

She is sitting in the hall. I got closer to take another pic...

and then closer...

Notice the subtle change in expression as I get nearer? No? 
That's because there is none! 
Ghost has very few expressions... usually either this one which is expression-less or really grumpy like the following.

Oh! Found this one... kind of surprised expression (like I caught her when she was playing)

and then this one's my favorite. She is her *still grumpy, but wants to read along with me* look...

I think she's saying, "I like this part..."

Anyway, as you can see, I've nothing better to do today. Our pottery class was cancelled due to Labor Day Weekend. I spent the day working on a quilt and making a custard pie. Then took a few pics of Ghost in the hall which lead me here... 

Have a great weekend!  

Ghost as a kitten


  1. Ghost is a lovely girl, I've always loved cats with grey coloring and she looks sooo soft.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Oh Rian, I have always loved Ghost's face. lol She's another Audrey. :)

  3. Once my daughter had a silver/grey cat like that. Her name was Katherine, so she might not be ashamed of being called Kitty. My daughter left her behind when she went to college. Eventually I told her this cat lives with you or the Humane Society; since you left the entire house has become her cat box. So, she left. Kitty lived into her twenties, survived being an outdoor cat in a tough Cleveland neighborhood, went through several moves with my daughter, and saw her at last into a home my daughter purchased. Job done, she exited stage left.

  4. how funny, ghost is the perfect name for her

  5. She's a beautiful cat, and seems to be saying that she doesn't need any more expressions than this. I like the picture of her reading your book! :-)

  6. Too bad that whole "Grumpy Cat" schtick is already taken.


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