Wednesday, September 30, 2015

as Sept ends...

Tux drinking my water...

Why is it that my drink glass is so attractive to Tux? It's not like he doesn't have a water bowl in almost every room...


OK, I went to lunch Monday with friends from Dominican High School in New Orleans. One is a close friend that I grew up with on the same block and the others I knew in high school, but not well. We started meeting for lunch when our 50th HS Reunion came up and we realized that we all lived somewhat close. It's been fun catching up and  learning about each other. One recently went through a traumatic diagnosis of BC, following through with chemo, radiation, and now meds. Despite it all, she is doing very well. Another has reached the age where it's difficult (if not impossible) to find career work... but needs to... and interviewing for jobs at this point in her life is not conducive to happy times. My close friend and myself are both retired and as she calls us, "blessedly boring"... as we are not fighting these other problems at the moment (although both she and I have already done the BC thing). I had hoped to get a waiter to take a pic of the 4 of us while there today, but we talked for 2 hours and not once did I remember to do this. 

My daughter called this evening and apparently they are going to A&M to check out the campus and grounds this week. My grand daughter is only 14, but is considering going to college there. She is very into her horses and is curious about their equine programs. Right now she is doing cross-country trials.

In these top 3 she is riding Hemi

In these bottom 3, she is riding Tootsie

And these are actually old pics she's sent me, but I'm told that both horses (although young) are doing well and grand daughter is doing great. 

Cats about the house today...

Tux and Ghost sharing warmth

Rose waiting for us to return

This last one of Julie wasn't taken today... but it shows her love for the kitchen counter. She is one silly cat!

That's about it. This post is a bit fragmented, but then so is life. Have a great rest of the week! 


  1. Cats certainly grace a home, don't they!

  2. Tux loves your water because it smells like you! And the reason so many of us use selfies these days is because otherwise we forget, just like you did. It's a good post, I enjoyed it, Rian. :-)

    1. Thanks, DJan. We probably shouldn't let him drink from the glasses, but you know...

  3. Meeting with old friends is a blessing. I'm having lunch tomorrow with a dear old friend I see seldom.

    1. It is nice to touch base and reminisce...

  4. Always great to get together with girl friends. Your house reminds me of my daughter's with cats lounging around like they own the place/

  5. Olga, sometimes I think they DO own the place...


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