Thursday, August 2, 2012

Return to Bailey's Cove...

Bailey's Cove...  my imaginary life on a cliff in Maine

Recently I was reading someone's blog about 'imaginary cats' and it brought to mind, a website that I hadn't visited in about 3 years. I created it in 2002 and named it, "Bailey's Cove" .  It's a comfortable old place situated on a cliff beside the sea... a place where I can go to relax, watch the ebb and flow of the tide, enjoy my wonderful companion pets, and... 'just be me'.  Don't we all need a place like that?  Of course it exists only 'in my mind's eye', but that's OK, it still brings me comfort.

If you click on the Bailey's Cove link (above) , it will take you to the web page.  And if you go from there to 'next entry' it will tell you how I first created the place.  But if you would like to skip to a more current page, you can click on 'Last Entry'. You are more than welcome to visit me there anytime. The door is always open.  (If you do, please leave a comment in my Guest Book... so I'll know why all the coffee is missing)

But now I have to go... the sea is calling me.


  1. It feels like my sister state. Maybe because it was my sister's state. No chance I will live there, except in my imagination--too buggy for me!

    1. That's the neat thing about it, Murr... it can be 'bug-free' in your 'mind's eye', come and go whenever you like, and no high gasoline prices to worry about. Of course no one would want to live there on a 'full time basis' - that might make us full fledged psychotic.

      But if your sister lives in the real world Maine, that's awesome. I do love Maine, but would probably never make it through one of their winters.

  2. I like the idea of an imaginary spot. Actually, I already have one, and I suppose it's very similar to the geography of my childhood home in the province of Quebec. Mountains, streams, fields...Of course we had the Atlantic Ocean for real too, living in Gaspé, but forests have always called to me more than the ocean/water. But in an imaginary world, I could have it all. And definitely no bugs. :-)

    1. I think we all need a 'retreat from the real world' whether it be a real retreat or one in our 'mind's eye' only. (and hey, the imaginary one is much more economical... as long as we remember to return to the real world at some point). Your imaginary one in the province of Quebec sounds wonderful too. You should elaborate on it so the rest of us can share it. I've always wanted to see Quebec and this might be my only way.


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