Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Memories of summer days...

Grand kids fishing

This is one of my favorite photos.  For some reason it just reminds me of 'summer days'.  I believe it was actually taken about 3 years ago when my son-in-law took us all cat fishing.  The kids (and I) had such a good time... even though the weather was scalding hot. 

Years and years and years ago my dad (now deceased) took his grand kids fishing.  I used to have a photo of that... probably still do... somewhere.

We lived in New Orleans and Dad and his brother had built a small one room fishing camp on Grand Isle.  Hurricanes knocked it down several times and they always rebuilt it.  The last time it happened, Dad was getting older, and they didn't rebuild. But I always remember going there with him.  He didn't take me often because it was mostly men friends who used it and it consisted of one room, 3 bunk beds, a sink, and a hot plate. I was a little girl (albeit a tomboy). There was no bathroom facility (but there was a pier and a bayou).  Generally he would take my brother, Billy (don't even think he cared about going).  But I loved the fishing, the boat, and the camp! As a kid, I didn't even mind that mosquitoes covered us as we walked through the swamp.  Memories....


  1. The sepia tone of the photos make them look old, nice touch.

    I've never been fishing, though Dad used to go with the men to hunting and fishing camps, in season. For him it was more an opportunity to do the guy thing -- i.e. drink beer and pee in the bushes.

    But one of the older men always came back with a moose in season, and we ate that every winter, instead of beef.

    I do remember having FRESH lake trout, pan fried. YUM. And occasionally, lobster right off the boat.

    That was a long time ago, though. :-)

    1. I just remembered the name of the camp, "Camp At Last".
      You know, I never wanted to be a boy... but it sure irked me when I couldn't do the things my brother got to do.

    2. My grand son had his first fishing trip with his dad a few weeks ago. He was proud that they caught a lake "trouser."

    3. There's something about going on a fishing trip... or camping trip with your father or grand father. Guess it's a bonding experience outside of your normal every day life.


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