Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So much to say... so little time.

Brother-in-law's yard in Louisiana

This picture has nothing to do with my post this morning, just wanted to add some interest.  I'm starting this post late as I've been trying to read all of yours.  And they have been really great - which is why I'm so late getting around to my own.  But I have to leave for Yoga in a few minutes, so I may start this now and continue later this afternoon.

We have a "Clay Project" due in class tomorrow and I've been a bit crazy getting it all together. It's not our usual throwing on the wheel stuff (which I prefer), but rather something our Instructor came up with. We have to put together a 25 (not 24 or 26, but 25 exactly) piece clay structure, then draw up the assembly instructions (similar to Ikea plans), then cut out a second set of clay pieces, house them in a wet box, and give them to a partner along with the instructions for them to assemble on their own (no verbal instructions allowed). Ha!  The assembly instructions are considered part of the 'art' and must co-ordinate with the project. It's due tomorrow.  Should be interesting...   I'll take some pictures of the various creations in case any of you are curious.

And one of the posts I read today brought up so many thoughts regarding 'worries about retirement' (our own and our kids), that my thoughts are spinning. I'm a firm believer that our lives are a product of our choices (both good and bad) and it's not so much what happens to you, but how you handle it that really matters. Yes, we all come from different backgrounds, but I think the majority of people are the same. We studied, we worked, we took care of our families. We tried to save (what's the saying, 'one step forward, 2 steps back), and now we're in that long awaited phase called 'retirement'.  Were we financially and emotionally prepared? Probably not.  We're not as prepared as we should have been, but then I'm sure that many aren't.  Can we handle day to day expenses? Yes. Do we worry about the future? Yes. Can we travel extensively? No. Does it matter? Not really.  Are we happy? Yes.

I could go on, but I've got to go for now.  Will continue this later today... or tomorrow.


  1. Oh yes, you'll have to post pics of your clay project! It sounds mind-boggling difficult to me. But definitely creative. :-)

    I try *really* hard not to think about retirement because I live paycheque to paycheque,, in debt with no savings. If I'm blessed to live to my mid-late 60s and still have good health (I'm 48 now), I know I'll still have to work (no set retirement age here in Ontario anymore).

    I only hope and "purray" that I won't have to work full time, but can work 2 or 3 days a week instead.

  2. Oh, I ought to have clarified that my employer has a pension plan. I've been with them only 12 years though, but it'll be better than nothing.

    And Canada has the CPP--Canada Pension Plan, which, if you work, has mandatory contributions to age 70.

    And there's the Old Age Security too, which everyone who's lived in Canada for at least 10 years gets--maybe a few hundred dollars a month.

    It makes me cringe, every time a news station airs a piece about how we're not saving money, we're carrying too much debt, etc.

    Cripes, has anyone shopped just for groceries lately?

    A 1.25% raise at work, completely offset by increased mandatory pension contributions, doesn't exactly help pay day one's debt or save for the future.

    Arrgghhh! Hot button topic!!!! At least for me!

  3. Ah, the voice of reason! Yes, indeed, worrying will not change a thing, just give us ulcers and stress attacks.

  4. I could have written that paragraph about retirement. No to travel, but yes to meeting our obligations. Just signed up for a Medicare plan that will cost me $50 more than last year, and the sad news that they'll pay me another $25 for COLA. Hmmm... doesn't add up, but as you as, are we happy? Yes. :-)

  5. Love your BIL's yard as for your clay project...mind boggling ...cant wait to see your photos of this.
    As for retirement ....was I prepared ...did I have enough cash ...not really ...can I meet my bills ...yes ....can I cope with large disasters ...not really... do I watch the pennies....yes but I enjoy looking for bargains...holidays are far and few between but am I bothered ...not really life good ...yes.xx

  6. I sympathize with you on the hand-building - I have always preferred wheel throwing. :) Sometimes, I force myself to hand build just so I remember how to do it, since it is far outside my comfort zone. I look forward to reading the rest of your thoughts on retirement and happiness. :)

  7. It's all about choices made and then getting on with what your choices summed to.

  8. What a beautiful yard... I can see why you'd want to picture it.

    I write and post my own daily entry, before I read any others. -grin- Only after mine is published, do I go Visiting. :-)

    Being in business for ourselves, yes... My husband planned for retirement. But, things like the Economic Collapse messed with his careful planning. Are we ok? Yes. Are we going to be world travelers? -grin- No. Do we "pittle-money-away" on this and that and the other thing? No. But then, we never did. :-)


  9. I took pottery classes for a couple years. I loved handbuilding. I never mastered the wheel and found it uncomfortable to sit at.

    I'm 48. My spouse and I were successfully self-employed up until the few years. Thought we were very well set for early (and grand-style) retirement. @#&^^&# happens and things change! Security is really imaginary. We lived high when we had it, now we live differently. I'm happier now. I don't worry about the money side of the future as much as I used to. I have more faith that things will work out. (Until I hear those d--m broadcasts about how us baby-boomers are doomed and not prepared for retirement and the price of food will quadruple and interests rates will soar and the world will end....!!!)

  10. I agree with you on retirement and would answer the questions at the end just like you. The only thing that has messed up our retirement is my husband needing a heart transplant and the expenses that go along with it. But we are happy and even though we are not rich our needs are met.

  11. I'm going to reply here to everyone at once since it's late and I'm tired, and also because from the comments here, it only confirms that we are all in pretty much the same fix (each with our own specific problems yes, but basically the same). We can get by OK, but not as good as we had hoped... due to 'oh, so many things'. But we can be happy with less if we choose to be. And I, for one, choose to be. :)


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