Tuesday, March 12, 2013

an eclectic assortment...

Here is Grandson sitting on elephant sculpture at Zoo. He *smirks* in his pictures just like I do...
Favorite teapot

I'm reflected taking photo, but it looks like I'm locked inside... ???

quilt  friend made for my study

It is Tuesday and I should be at Yoga right now, but my back is giving me a little twinge... so I played hooky. Instead I stayed home and took some pictures from around the house. Nothing mind boggling, but the way the reflection came out in the cabinet shot surprised me. You might need to make it larger to see my arm. It looks like I'm inside trying to get out. Unexpected fun shot!

This was just an 'around the house' snapshot... but look closely and laugh


  1. I think your grandson is secretly on Safari in his mind...this is why he is smiling to himself :)

    I love the little vignette with your teapot photo...very sweet.

    The photo where you are trying to get out of the cabinet is great! What a "fun" look it turned out to be :)

  2. I had to do a double-take when I saw how the cabinet photo turned out... like, what the...?? (that's what the *heck* of course)

  3. Sweet photos. I need to learn how to smirk like your darling grandson.

  4. I am so glad to see the quilt. It is beautiful. You have a very good friend.

  5. Ohhhh, I want to sit on that elephant toooooo! On which your Grandson is sitting.

    Don't you envy people, who have a set smile, which always looks nice, in a pic? I do. -moan- -sigh- -sob-

    It's very hard to avoid getting one's self in reflective pics. But it can be a form of photo op too! See how many reflections of you-the-camera-person, you can get, in shiny things, here and there. -grin-

    Love the things in your Fav. Teapot pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mmmm, I like that idea of mine! Getting reflective pics of self!!! If I am able to do so, and post them, I'll link to you! Your post made me think of it!!!!

  6. I had to enlarge the picture to get the full effect of your being trapped inside the cabinet. BTW, the reason one cannot jump through clouds is because a skydiver must see the ground from start to finish. What if there was an airplane underneath or inside that cloud? That's why. :-)

    1. "If there was an airplane underneath or inside that cloud..."
      Wow! That would be an unpleasant surprise.

  7. Great photos. I love that elephant...and that quilt is lovely!

  8. It does look like you are in the cabinet...LOL Once I got startled by a refection of myself in a window when I took a photo of an old house...I thought I was seeing a ghost. I smirk too. nice photo's.

  9. Love the relection ...shows how sparkling your doors are.Love the teapot set too.
    Jay is the third to come down with the Chicken Pox ...and has it the worst...probably because adults get it worst ...and she is the most difficult of patients lol ...please pray that I'm not next but if I am, please let it be soon....the wedding is only 4 weeks away.

  10. Oh, Angie, I will pray that you don't get the chicken pox... and especially with the wedding only a few weeks away.


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