Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jack and the bunny parade...

Jack is feeling much better today...

As you can see, Jack is feeling like his ol' self again... playing with his bunny.  While I watched him play, I thought that maybe I would do a bunny post - similar to the Christmas Elf that pops up everywhere!  So here are a few shots of the pop-up bunny!

Bunny joins Elephant Bank on shelf...

Bunny hops into Clay Bird House...

Bunny slips over to window sill...

Another bunny gets into the game...

and another !

OK... he's not a bunny, but Finky wanted to play too!

Happy Easter Saturday to all!


  1. I just left a comment on a German blog about her "delightful and enchanting" decorations, and I have to write the same about yours. You do always seem to have such wonderful and whimsical items. :-)

    Happy Easter!

  2. P.S. We're glad Jack is feeling much better today!

  3. Awe, pretty kitty cat :)

  4. Happy easter bunnies to you and Jack.

  5. Lovely! Bunnies are so much fun... and even Finky. Happy Easter to YOU and yours. :-)

  6. You have such cute decorations. If I did a photo shoot in my house, bunny would be sitting on a stack of newspapers on the coffee table!

    Happy Easter.

  7. I've always liked little critters... live as well as whimsical. My dad was a very quiet man, but he had a wonderful dry humor and always kept a few surprises in his pocket... like wind-up mice, etc. for 'entertainment'. I find that I do the same - both in the house and on the road. The kids (as well as some of us adults) enjoy it.

  8. Awwwww cute bunnies, and others. :-)

    So glad Jack is feeling better!!!!!!!

    Happy Easter,

  9. I'm a bit behind, but what a fun post to read on Easter Monday. Glad Jack is better.

  10. Love the pop up bunny theme and that your Jack is feeling better. Finky is almost as cute as a bunny. :)


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