Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can't blog today...

Sorry. I had a post ready to put in yesterday, but with all that happened in Boston...  just couldn't do it. Don't have much to say here either.  My heart goes out to all those people who started out with such a beautiful day for their run... and ended up in tragedy.


  1. I's incomprehensible to me. My coworker is a marathon and train race runner, and while she wasn't there, she does know the dozen or so who *were* there from our city. They're all okay, but so many aren't.

    Purrs and purrayers to all who have been affected.

  2. I'm not surprised, Rian. Such a terrible tragedy and I do feel for all involved.

  3. I agree with you, Rian, that the tragedy makes it difficult to carry on normal life, even when we are only affected through news stories. I hope you will be feeling like posting again soon, as I look forward to learning about your outlook on life.

  4. understood...

    come back, how ever and when ever you feel ready.

    we all, have to do it, this way. as we feel...

    keep calm and carry on.

  5. Rian, Hearts are breaking all over the world because of what happened in Boston. I don't understand the hatred and violence in the world today.

    A Hug,

  6. It is shocking and prayers are with the family's.


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