Thursday, June 6, 2013

funny cat photos...

"Hm-mm, not much plot... "

"Next car... this elevator rug is full."

"If I just had another arm..."

"Oh drat! they found my quiet place."

"Is this my bunny?"

" Look into my eyes... 'you will take me home' !"

"It's a fashion statement."

"How many of us do you think we can fit in here?"

The End


  1. My favourites are the second and last photos, but they're all terrific!

  2. Great collection. Love the fashion statement.

  3. I have the biggest smile on my face looking at your photo's. I love the elevator rug...I am amazed how well you cats get along. And the glasses on your kitty...way to funny. :)

  4. Those cat shots are brilliant but I must appologize for not dropping by for a week ....we had SUN instead of rain and I had to go and enjoy it so I didn't do very much blog hopping or commenting. Just had a quick catch up on yours ...must have a better read ...???buttermilk pie....and that gumbo sounds good to me although I have heard of it. Are you not keeping the little kitties????
    Lastly ...that video of baby racoons is so cute. xx

  5. Adorable, and some of them really made me laugh out loud :-)

  6. They are a funny bunch...
    My favorite is actually #5 where Jack is smelling the bunny...


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