Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New babies are everywhere...

Box turtle eating strawberries
When DH went out to mow the lawn this morning, he came in with this little fellow... one of our yard turtles... but this one wasn't marked.  I try to put a small red mark (nail polish) to identify the ones that turn up often. This one had no mark.  It's a fairly good size, so I'm suspecting that it's a female. Usually the males are a bit smaller. Anyway, we took her to a safe place in the back and gave her some strawberries.  They love strawberries and figs.

I also have a video to show you that my son took in the yard either last night or early this morning. Our mama raccoon apparently has decided to bring her 5 or 6 baby coons to eat with her at the local diner... aka:  our feral cats' dishes.

And the two little black kittens we took inside are all doing well.  They are eating on their own and are friendly enough to go to the Adoption Center soon.  They now hear my voice and come running, climb up on my lap and purr.   I keep telling them that I love them and their mommy loves them, but they have an adventure to go on...  and they must be brave.

On a different subject... I made a buttermilk peach pie this week with fresh peaches from Hamm's Peach Orchard.  It was so-oo good.  I've made buttermilk pies before... as well as peach pies, peach torte, peach cobbler, etc.  But this was a recipe in the newspaper for a 'buttermilk peach pie'.

We go to Ham's Orchard in Terrill, Texas twice every summer.  They open from May 15th to August 15th. Usually we hit them in May and then again in August.  DH's brother and his wife always come up to Dallas for the August hit.  They fill their portable cooler with fresh peach ice-cream.  We love the home-made peach ice-cream also, but we pick up other stuff too like: fresh peaches, frozen home-made peach cobbler, peach salsa, and an assortment of other things made from peaches.  They also carry fresh blackberries, blackberry cobbler, blueberries, strawberries, and even local pecans and veggies (onions, tomatoes, okra, etc.).   Oh... and they have a special "dark chocolate fudge pie" that is delicious. When you heat it just a little the chocolate inside melts... yum!


  1. I wish you could send me some buttermilk peach pie, because I'm certainly not going to make one for myself. :-p

    Your turtle is so pretty, love her shell. Are they like fingerprints for humans, i.e. are shells unique in design? I'm sure she loved those strawberries.

    As for the raccoon family -- what scared them off, your son?

  2. Kim, it is really easy to make. You 'could' make it for yourself...

    Regarding the turtle shell - I know that if it's the same type of turtle, the shell formation is similar, but whether it is unique in some ways like fingerprints, I don't know. Good question. I will ask my youngest son who is a Herpetologist.

    As for what scared off the raccoon family... probably my oldest son who was sitting in a corner of the patio taking videos.

  3. Babies everywhere. I do hope those two kittens find good "forever" homes, Rian. You do have quiet a menagerie, even if unintended. :-)

  4. I too pray that the kittens find good *forever* homes.

    And as for the menagerie - it seems no matter where we are - they come. And if a little food, water, and shelter is all they need...

  5. That peach pie sounds wonderful. It is one of my favorite pie's. I love your kind and caring heart for all the little critters.

  6. Oh the delicious sounding items you list!!!!!!!!! Peaches rule!!!!!!

    How cool to have turtle visitors!!!!!!! Wish we did...

  7. Gosh, your racoons and turtles put my hare in the shade, Rian. :-) My mouth is now watering at your description of all those fruit goodies and I'd better go and make dinner.....

  8. Oh no, your 'hare' is darling. We get a few bunnies around the neighborhood, but with all the cats around - none stay any length of time (at least not if they're smart).


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