Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ketchikan, Alaska... last stop on Alaskan Cruise

View coming into Ketchikan

There's an eagle flying up there. Can you see it?

View of Ketchikan from the ship

This next picture is what we had for lunch in Ketchikan.  We ate some fabulous seafood in Alaska, but until we arrived at Ketchikan, we hadn't yet had any Dungeness crab. Now let me tell you that when I was growing up in New Orleans, Dad would take us out every Friday night to have boiled crabs at Fitzgerald's on the lakefront (this was back in the day when Catholics weren't allowed to eat meat on Fridays). Anyway, since DH and I married and moved away I haven't eaten much crab.  Mama taught us that seafood should always be eaten fresh... and that meant 'out of the water' and 'into the pot' - now flown in or frozen, etc.

But I digress...  what I wanted to mention was that I soon realized 2 things; one - I still loved crab, and two - I hadn't lost the ability to remove the entire section of meat from the crab claw in one piece! Ta da!!



  1. Oh! That crab and those pictures have just made MY day! Congratulations on being such a crabby connoisseur! We love those crabs here in the PNW :-)

  2. Like you, I only had fresh fish growing up, my father was a commercial fisherman and our fish came off the boat. It's not the same out of the shop, no siree.
    I've enjoyed seeing your Alaskan trip through the camera lens and so glad you enjoyed it as well.


  3. Oh yum! It looks wonderful, makes me hungry! And it looks like you had good weather too, for the cruise. I remember that when Dad and I went we mostly had rain that week--go figure. LOL.

  4. Fresh crab!!!!!!!!


  5. As you can see, the crab was delicious. And the funny thing about the weather in Alaska, was that even though it was cold... and rainy most days - when we were on the ship, we had a covered balcony and when we were in the towns - only Juneau was raining hard. And believe it or not, Ketchikan (where we were told has rain 363 days of the year)was a lovely sunny day.

  6. My husband and I have been thinking about taking an Alaskan cruise next year. We've talked to lots of friends who have taken a lot of cruises and everyone highly recommends the Alaskan one. I'm glad its going well without any accidents or fires or any of the other stuff we keep hearing about on the news.

  7. I know. Decided not to worry about all that 'stuff'... or even the cold or seasickness ... and just go! It turned out to be a good decision. (We did however, keep peanut butter, crackers, and bottled water in our cabin - just in case.)

  8. I guess I did not realize how tall the ships I am not a sea food eater but my husband would drool over this picture.

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