Friday, January 31, 2014

what a difference a day makes...

I'm glad that I like to cook.  Just cooked DH and I an omelet made with bits of bacon, red bell pepper, onion, fresh baby spinach leaves, fresh chopped tomato, cheese... and of course eggs.  It was really good. Most mornings we simply have coffee and a piece of toast, but this morning I awoke hungry. So after my initial cup of 'half-calf' while watching the episode of 'Elementary' that we missed last night, I decided to make us some breakfast. DH, although satisfied with his toast and coffee most mornings, never refuses a more elaborate undertaking.

We are of the generation where wives cooked for their husbands.  Mom had dinner on the table within a few minutes of my dad's return from work. It wasn't slave labor.  Mom liked the routine... as do I.  But it's not the same for our children.  My daughter (as well as my sons' wives) don't do this.  Oh yes, they cook occasionally (and may enjoy doing it), but it's definitely not every night and definitely not at any assigned time. And I will report that my sons (as well as SIL) do cook as well. This is family life 'evolving'.... and my philosophy is 'whatever works'.

You will laugh at this next picture. I should have taken a picture of the omelet, but instead was fascinated by this little tomato.  It was so pretty that I had to take its photo before cutting it. (I know, I'm weird... deal with it).

tomato on countertop

tomato on my windowsill

This next picture will confirm my weirdness.  Tux (as well as Ghost and Molly) were sitting on the bed with me yesterday afternoon while I read a bit, and knitted a bit. The weather was cold, I had awoke in the morning with a migraine and missed my pottery class, and was taking the afternoon easy.  Tux was helping me untangle some yarn.  Doesn't he look cute with pink hair?

And as we were doing this, Ghost was giving Molly 'the look'.... which means "don't mess with me".  Molly is our 20 year old and she had just given Ghost a little slap with her paw as a warning not to get in her sunspot.  Ghost was responding with 'the look'...

The reason I used the title I did on this post is because yesterday I was down a bit (what with the migraine, missing class, and $$$ car probs).  But this morning life is new again.  I feel better and am ready to take it all back on.  And sometimes I think that people don't give this *tomorrow is another day* a chance.


  1. Good for you for bouncing back. I don't know how anyone could stay down with a pink haired cat around.:)

  2. True about the cooking today. All the boys in our family cook to some degree. Love the Tux photo. I just had Audrey digging into my knitting today. So, of course, I had to photograph her, too. I'm so glad to see the end of January. It's been awful this year here and we are happy to see it go. Glad you are feeling better today, Rian. Deb

  3. Actually, I really like that little owl and the little bird! :-)

    Glad you're feeling better today. Though if I were Tux, I'd be giving YOU "the look" for doing that to him. Ha.

  4. Ha! I am glad to know you are happy today, and that a new day has brought a new outlook. I'm like that, too. Love your pictures, and yes, you made me smile when I looked at Tux. :-)

  5. Yes, and thank goodness every day is a new day. Ymmmmm to omelettes, too.

  6. That omelet sounds delicious!
    Have a good weekend.
    ~John M

  7. Thank you for the chuckles...and i recognize that look from Ghost....on my Lucy.

  8. Glad the next day was better. I do the cooking in our household and always have, but our son and son-in-law are both good cooks and do their share. In fact our son-in-law does the majority of the cooking in their family, while our daughter deals with the boys' homework and music practice,. Modern division of labour. :-)


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