Friday, September 19, 2014

Grocery day at our house...

It's Friday and DH and I just got home from shopping.  As you can see, our cats like to "help" with the bags and putting things away.

BTW, DH and I started our "healthy diet" - no sweets, no potatoes, no rice, very little bread... mostly chicken, fish, and veggies.... and as of this morning (started Monday - 4 days ago)... DH has lost 4 lbs and I've lost 1 !

(OK... I said no sweets, but you can see the York mini mints right there on the counter. We do allow ourselves to have one after supper at night!)


  1. After a few days, your body adjusts to the new diet and you feel different when you go back to old habits. My husband is the only one who is losing with our new diet; I guess he needed to lose more....

  2. I love Ghost...such a comical face. I find a piece of chocolate after dinner is just enough for me, too. Gosh, we deserve it. :)

  3. It is unfair the way men seem to lose weight faster than women.

  4. Men always seem to lose weight faster than we do. Not fair! Glad you're having some success with it, though. :-)

  5. Well done you two. It's not easy giving up the sweet stuff, but it doesn't take long if you persevere, and that's the crunch point with me.


  6. My cats are the same, I'm not sure if they are helping, or just snooping, hoping there will be a treat for them.

    Good luck with the diet! I have less difficulty with the sweets, it's the bloody potato chips that do me in.

  7. LOL...Are they checking for treats ? I wish you the best with the healthy eating,,,I NEED to start . :(


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