Friday, January 24, 2020

Make-up as we age...

like the words, but she doesn't look 'old'...

Someone recently posted about the importance (or not?) of make-up as we women age. I found this interesting... (or at least a diversion from worrying about Julie)

The comments were diverse as could be expected... some putting more importance on the issue while others found it not so much.  I think it boils down to how much each of us feels about our self image, whether or not we're still in the ball game (work - career or volunteer), and whether we're alone or sharing our lives.

Personally I've always hated wearing make-up. Do I do it? Yes, of course - (I used to love when I went on silent retreats out at Montserrat during my working years where for 3 whole days I could be make-up free. Putting it back on when I returned to work was like putting on the war paint and preparing for battle.)

But that's just me. I never wore a lot... as my mother who lived with us for 15 years always told me that she couldn't tell that I had any on. "Put a little lipstick on" she would say... and I have to admit I disliked lipstick too... it never stayed on and what I did wear was very light.  

Now at almost 75, I wear a little light foundation, a bit of blush, and some Vaseline on my lips...  (no eye make-up anymore) and I wouldn't wear the foundation except that my skin color which is basically fair has some uneven coloring due to age spots. So yes, I do wear make-up when going out or entertaining at home - but never at other times.

I guess my philosophy these days is that as long as I'm clean and well-groomed, that should do it. Take me as I am or not at all. When I was working I was willing to play the game. Now - not so much.  Some may disagree with that, and that's OK too.

I understand that some women really like make-up, dressy clothes, and jewelry (my mom sure did). There's nothing wrong with that. It just never was a priority with me.  How about you? 


(On another note, I don't especially like the color purple or feel the urge to wear red hats...)


  1. I love earrings & rings. But make-up? No. I will wear very little on occasion but, I "can live without it". Never lipstick...never.

  2. No purple and red hat for you? I love hats and wear them when outside, doctor's orders, but don't have a red hat. I put on lipstick each day, never did wear foundation. I am close in age to you.

  3. All these years I've worn no make up. I wear a lot of red clothing, though, and a little purple..

  4. I love purple and aqua or turquoise, but not red. I haven't worn make up for years. I slowly drifted off of it after retiring, then it went to special occasions and now. I'd like to use mascara but my eyelashes are barely there any longer. Perhaps I'll get back into it, you've perked my imagination in that regard.

  5. I used to wear makeup when I was younger, but haven't worn anything except some foundation powder and concealer (which really doesn't conceal the dark circles under my eyes!) for decades now. I'd look better WITH makeup, but I'm too lazy, and my skin is very oily, everything seems to disappear in short order. I do like a tinted lip balm or subtle lipstick, though. And I wear jewel tones, look best in those.

    1. Kim, I used to use concealer under my eyes... but you're right, it doesn't really work and sometimes just makes the dark areas look 'concealed'... so I quit doing that.

  6. Moisturizer and sunscreen, eyebrow pencil with a very light touch and lip gloss if I remember is pretty much it for me.
    I once heard a Muslim woman talking about the importance of her hijab to herself, the importance of modesty in public. But then she said that she loved to put on sexy clothes and make-up when she got home. I don't mean to sound judgey because I really do respect her religion and her commitment but that is the complete opposite of how I think.
    When I first read that poem I liked the idea of coming into yourself with age. It was ruined for me when I saw large groups of women all dressed pretty much the same lunching together. Also the opposite of how I think.

  7. I can't imagine myself in a red hat, but red or purple blouses make me happy. I've worn makeup since my teen years in the late 1960's, and still do, even at home. Every morning,brush teeth, wash face, fix hair,and put on a little makeup. I wear Burt's Bees pink lip balm for lipstick, and use a concealer stick and some blush. Eye makeup makes my eyes itch these days, so I never use that.

  8. Since I've retired I've probably worn makeup less than 5 times. I've never worn lipstick. Even when I wore make-up it was barely noticeable. I was never good at applying it either, but I guess I didn't get much practice.

    As for purple I used to dye my hair that color but haven't done so for the past year. I may do so, before I take my next cruise. The only time I wear red is on Canada Day.

  9. My makeup routine is to moisturize my face and I would never go out without my lipstick on but other than that nothing. But, I would never go out without a pair of big earring on, I feel undressed without my earrings, lol

  10. I'm kind of like your mom. Lipstick is my only make up for without it I totally fade away.

  11. This has been interesting... to hear everyone's comments on make-up for those of us who have 'aged a bit'. I don't suppose there's any one answer as to what is best. It's a personal thing. However, I will say that IMO 'less is better'.

  12. ooooh dear, purple is my favorite color, i forgive you!!!

    i don't wear any make-up except on my eyebrows, and i usually wear lip gloss so my lips don't dry out!! that's it for me, i have never worn make-up. i dress very casual, have my own style...and always have flip-flops on my feet!!!

  13. At 70-plus, I'm with you and the photo, except I don't like to wear hats. My last visit to my hairdresser 15 days before I retired was my last, experience with coloring my hair. She was great at the process but I was tired of the time and money. I am now happy with my natural gray and a dry-and-go hair style, no eye makeup, a bit of light foundation whenever my rosacea flairs up, and lipstick.

  14. i used to just wear eye shadow, mascara & lipstick when i was younger but as i got older i found it a time waster plus these days it's like dressing up mutton to serve as lamb! i don't wear it now as my skin is highly sensitive with psoriasis. i prefer natural these days.
    interesting topic
    thanx for sharing


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