Friday, May 1, 2020

Is it Friday May 1st already?

rabbit, rabbit!  not so white rabbit.... 

Happy First day of the month! Rabbit Rabbit! not so white rabbit!
Somehow this pic seemed more appropriate these days of worry and confusion than a cute little white rabbit...

I've been trying to post every 2 days. Yesterday got away from me again. But it shouldn't matter too much as there's not much new going on. 

Have you noticed that the days pass very fast... and the nights not so much? It's weird - as from the time I get up (around 7:30 or 8:00), fix coffee for DH and tea for myself, watch a few minutes of the news, and do a few other things - before I know it, it's 2 or 3 pm.??? This is generally the time I think of getting dressed (either that or taking a nap). Not sure why... as no one goes in or out. But my mom always told me that you should never stay in pj's all day. 

We had 2 outings this week, both to collect groceries from curb-side pick-up (as much as I'm a home-body, it is nice to get out). DH worked in the yard a bit, mowing and trimming. I baked some frosted tea cakes and am thinking about trying my hand at making yeast rolls - something I've never done.


daughter and hubby

Our daughter's 50th birthday is this Sunday... but we won't be there. Normally we try to drive down for her birthdays - and this is a big one. But we're not ready to venture out quite yet. The hill country in Texas is so beautiful in the spring.... bluebonnets everywhere! She will send pictures and I will share. They have a few acres with horses, chickens, dogs, etc.  - and 3 ponds on the property. 


These pics are our granddaughter with their Great Dane taken  last Easter when we were there. Everything was so green and the fields so full of flowers. She graduates this year and will be going off to college this fall... but with this pandemic, we're not so sure about either graduation or the fall. She's worked so hard and has done so well that having this uncertainty is hard (not just for her of course, but for all those graduating seniors).

I have to post a picture of the chickens (you know how much I like chickens)...

chickens drinking from front pond

Guess I'll close here and get back to making another mask. I read somewhere that flannel makes a better mask than cotton as it's not as porous. So I made a cat mask to send to  grand daughter. She has an adorable little cat called Gizmo.

Here's the mask:

It's Friday! (not necessarily TGIF... but still Friday) I hope you have a lovely weekend... get out and enjoy nature, try doing or making something new, or just make someone smile! 



  1. I went for a walk yesterday and enjoyed being outdoors for the third day in a row. I'm hoping this will continue and I'll be feeling more like myself with regular exercise. That is just the cutest little kitten! :-)

    1. I think you need your walks, DJan... so yes, please continue them. They may be important to your well being. As for Gizmo, he is cute, but also a little devil who constantly gets in trouble... and drives Moose (their Great Dane) crazy.

  2. I know what you mean. Time seems to slip by so quickly when you're ... doing absolutely nothing!

  3. What a handsome couple your daughter and hubby are. I'm a huge Great Dane lover here. They are marvelous pets and my goodness that kitten is adorable. This whole post was just so cute. Awww.

    1. Moose (the Great Dane) is a doll... best disposition ever. The kitten jumps him and slaps at his tail constantly.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! This will definitely be a birthday to remember. Hopefully you'll all be able to celebrate together in the not too distant future.

    I read somewhere that some colleges are mailing cap and gowns to graduating students and they will be able to attend a ceremony in any of the next three years. I'm sure it isn't what your granddaughter would want, but hopefully she has a similar option.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. I told my daughter yesterday that when (?) this has all passed, we will revisit all these missed events next year. We have to have hope that we will have the opportunity to do this. I think mailing the cap and gowns to the kids is a good idea. They can still take pictures at home (and even in their prom dresses) to remember...

  5. Well Gizmo certainly made me smile and chuckle, and I enjoyed the lovely photos of the birthday girl. I wonder when will we be able to feel safe to visit loved ones again.

  6. you daughter is gorgeous, i hope she is able to enjoy her birthday!!

    i have friends who have high school seniors, that will not return to high school and may not be able to start college in the usual way. i can't even imagine, no prom, no graduation, i feel for them.

    your granddaughters gizmo is adorable, the mask is great and i LOVE your sewing machine!!

    1. She did, Debbie. She and her daughter went hiking... and had a nice day.
      As for the sewing machine, it actually belongs to a dear friend who owns many, quilts beautifully, and lent me this one so I could learn to quilt. It doesn't do all the things that the new ones do... but it works just fine.


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