Friday, April 23, 2021

a mixed bag...

OK, this is a very mixed bag...  (or should I say mixed blog)... and possibly of little interest, but it is what it is.

Naan bread

This time my Naan bread came out pretty good. I will post the recipe here. It's pretty simple:

Almond Flour Naan Bread


1 cup almond flour

1/3 cup flour ( I used King Arthur's non-gluten measure for measure)

1/4 cup Greek Yogurt ( I used sour cream... can't have yogurt)

1/4 tsp salt

pinch sugar


Mix together almond flour, flour, salt, and sugar

Add the yogurt(sour cream) and stir until dough forms

(add more yogurt/sour cream or water if too dry)

Divide into 6 balls

Roll dough out thin between parchment paper

Spray griddle

Cook until slightly browned on each side

Since I only wanted 3 pieces, not 6 - I halved the recipe and it came out fine. I used unsalted butter on mine, but you can put anything you want on it... cheese, tomatoes, garlic butter, etc.


I like this photo of our grand daughter at Dinosaur Valley State Park taken a few weeks ago.

We picked her up at school yesterday... and got to spend some time together. Since we are all vaccinated and stayed masked, it was great. I sure have missed her this past year.  But her mom (who is a nurse) said that we need to stay vigilant... as they have some patients in the hospital now that had both vacs and still came down with Covid due to thinking they were safe and no longer masked or followed recommended procedures.


More pics of kittens playing:


And I've finally started taking down Easter.  Yes, I know I'm late, but I like Easter decorations. I generally pull all I can find and put on table in front room before putting everything away for another year.

This little teapot and cup/saucer I bought at Harrod's years ago

and this last tea set is one we gave my mother-in-law and it came back to me after she passed. My daughter has dibs on it now...

(I'm also cleaning and dusting my China cabinet today)

And that's it! 

For those interested, my back is better. I can still feel a twinge on occasion, but it seems to be on the mend. 

Take care, stay safe... enjoy this spring weather, but don't let your guard down just yet. We may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, but we haven't reached it yet. 

Hugs (still virtual),


  1. I'm glad your back is better!

    The naan recipe looks easy and tasty. I can't have any dairy (or sugar, but could swap out Stevia) at the moment, so I think I'll save it in case the ND gives me the go-ahead at some point.

    How lovely to have spent some time with your granddaughter! (The pic is great, btw.) I've heard of people who have been fully vaccinated still getting COVID.

    I could go on the waitlist for the AstraZeneca vaccine now, but I want to finish a particular herbal med the ND has me on, then get my platelets tested before I do that. I know having a normal platelet count won't exclude me from a possible blood clot, but it would give me a bit more info to make an informed choice and would give me more peace of mind. If my platelets are low because of this med, I will hold off until they've returned to normal!

    Anyway, enjoy your day and weekend and take care. :-)

    1. The Naan recipe was good. I enjoyed it and will make it again. And it was fun to spend time with my grand daughter after so long. As for the vaccine, I do believe you have to do what you think best for you.

  2. Pleased to hear that your back is improved, may it continue, just don't forget and bend quickly, lol

    1. Yes, it is so easy to forget... but the little twinges do remind me.

  3. How is it that grandchildren grow up so fast??

  4. I am glad to read your back is better.

    It sounds like you had fun making the naan bread. I bake once a week, but not this week. Nothing inspired me.

    Watching the kittens play is a relaxing and fun thing to do. Animals have a way of soothing our nerves.

    There is nothing wrong with leaving up your pretty Easter decorations. My Retired Man sits in the living room watching sports with a lighted (not decorated) Christmas tree next to him. It is just one of those small (4') stick trees but the lights make him feel good and although I wish I could fold it up and put it away, I don't have the heart to remove something that gives him joy. My hopes are on summer when it is light till almost 9 PM and he won't need those lights.

    1. Watching the kittens play is wonderful...
      And my daughter leaves one of her Christmas trees up all year, just changes the decorations to spring flowers among the wood branches. Anything that gives you joy is worth keeping.

  5. I am so glad to hear your back is better. They usually heal up all by themselves. And I'm glad you got to spend time with that cute grand.

    1. My back is better, but not healed. I sat at the computer working on my book this morning and could hardly get up. I wonder if it's the weather - stormy and rainy yesterday (arthritis in my spine affected?) or something I actually did.

  6. Seeing that dinosaur with your granddaughter kind of makes one feel better they are extinct. Scary set of teeth.
    Great news about your back. Hope healing continues and goes away for good.

    1. Hasn't gone away for good, I'm afraid. But if it continues into next week, I will check with my doctor.

  7. I'm happy to hear your back is much better, and that you were able to spend time with your granddaughter. I'm sure she enjoys watching the ferals play too.

    Have a great day!

    1. My grand daughter and I did enjoy our time together. She is 8 and I think she has grown several inches taller since we were all together Christmas of 2019.

  8. awwww, we are all in the same boat, so to say. i use to write about all of my fun adventures, now i write about rides in the car. allaire state park was empty, we wore our masks, we stayed outside and barely passed another person. we are vaccinated also, but now with the variants, nothing has changed. but at least with the warm weather we can visit parks. your naan bread looks good, i use them for bases to pizza!!

    your granddaughter is adorable. good that your back is better, have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Somewhere I read that we are not all in the same boat... which is probably true. Some are in canoes, some in yachts, etc. But we are all still in this same dangerous ocean trying to stay afloat.

  9. I'll have to try that naan, having to be gluten free I miss a bit of bread and crunch in my diet. I made focaccia the other day will be working out the kinks on that one. I remember traveling across the country as a kid and seeing various dinosaurs along the way, as well as the signs for baby rattlers, lol

    1. The Naan I made with the almond flour has a really nice taste. I liked it... and it was pretty simple to make. Also the Canyon Bakehouse GF bread and bagels when buttered and heated for a few minutes in the oven are good too.

  10. not sure my comments are going through


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