Friday, July 1, 2022

Rabbit! Rabbit! White Rabbit!

July 1, 2022 - Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit!



  1. I am having trouble commenting today.
    Love your illustration. White Rabbit day was yesterday here - and my first words of the day were 'Good Boy' when Jazz consumed his first tablet of the day.

  2. I forgot again----but surely that adorable baby will bring you and yours good luck.

  3. Such a cute bunny! Happy first of July.

  4. Trying again. Blogger is not playing nicely with comments at the moment.
    Our white rabbit day was yesterday - and my first words were 'good boy' when Jazz had his first tablet of the day.
    I love your very cute photographs to celebrate the first of the month.

  5. I have never heard the expression “rabbit, rabbit” used to greet the new month except by a friend who lives in New England. I am thinking it must be regional, so I am wondering how you came to use it? Just interested in

  6. Just a beautiful little bundle in your hand. I hope you have a lovely and safe Fourth! :-)


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