Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Back from road trip...

Halloween  Cookies  (bats & pumpkins)

Made these bats and pumpkins again for granddaughter and neighbors kids. Same pic from previous year... but I make the same cookies (teacakes) every Halloween. Kind of rushed this year as we just got home yesterday.

Happy Halloween!

Hi Everyone! Sorry if I missed commenting on anyone's post this past week. We just got back from a long over-due road trip to New Orleans.  Left last Sunday and got back yesterday (Monday). We had a wonderful time traveling with DH's brother and his wife. They live in the Houston area, so we drove down to their place first and spent the night. 

Then we left for Baton Rouge the next day, stopping at Mike Anderson's LSU restaurant for oyster po-boys and sweet tea! Drove on in to New Orleans after lunch and found our hotel downtown. The next morning DH and his brother took off for the War Museum... and the ladies took off to visit Magazine Street and the French Quarter. 

BTW, we 'Hubered'... for the first time ever! It was great. The Huber drivers were so friendly and helpful. The hotel valet recommended it, telling us to 'always check the license plate on the Huber' to make sure it matches the one sent to you on your phone... to stay safe.  

I think everyone had their fill of good New Orleans food! We ate at some great places (Char-broiled Oysters, Oyster Po-boys, Roast Beef Po-boys, Crawfish Etouffee, Muffalettas, Beignets, Cafe Aulait, etc.)

We spent the next day in old City Park - love City Park with all the huge Oak trees and old moss - had Cafe Aulait and Beignets there and walked the sculpture garden by the lagoons. The weather was perfect. 

Love the tree in City Park

Then we drove along the lakefront and went by where my old house/neighborhood used to be. Katrina destroyed it so it's been long gone, but they built a beautiful white porched 2 story in it's place. Pretty nice...

Then we visited the brothers' family in Baton Rouge on the way back to Texas. It's been about 8 years since the boys have seen their older brother and his family... and it was a short, but fun visit. We spend the day with them and then went out to supper that night together.

DH and his brothers & family (me on far right)

Unfortunately us girls didn't get to visit our family in N.O. - but that's because we both have so many relatives there that there just wasn't enough time. Besides, we plan to go back down this spring or summer.

That's about caught up for me. I'll try to read the blogs I missed tomorrow. Hope everyone had a really good week...  and it seems like the Fall has finally come here. Hope it stays.

So... again... Happy Halloween to all of you!

Hugs (virtual),



  1. Happy Halloween. Your road trip sounds great = and City Park looks amazing.

  2. What a nice trip! We didn't make it to the City Park on our trip to NOLA so I'll have to go back.

    1. Mae, you do need to visit City Park if you get to go back. It's a beautiful park... and one of the places I miss the most living here in Texas... that, the Lakefront, the river(Mississippi), and the Gulf. (Guess I miss being close to the water)

  3. Rian, I sure enjoyed reading this--very glad you and DH had such a good road-trip, I love the pictures of the trees and moss, and the food sounded awesome! There's something about the Deep South that gets to a lot of people, me included. Great family pic too. :^)

    1. Dug, New Orleans lost a lot with Katrina. It has come back fairly well... not the same, but it still has it's charms... and to be honest (could be I'm prejudice)but the food can't be beat.

  4. So glad you made it home safe and sound, with lots of good food under your skinny belt! :-)

    1. Yes, DJan, we were lucky as the weather was great when we were there. Rain and cold started the day we left. And yes, the food was great too! All in all it was a good (overdue) trip.

  5. Ahhhh yes... I remember the beignets at Cafe du Monde. I can just imagine what a great time you had. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

    1. You're welcome, Kay. We don't travel as much as you and your hubby do... and I love what you share with us on your trips.


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