Friday, July 12, 2013

back on track...

OK, my day of feeling unfulfilled is over and I've decided to see about starting writing again.  I haven't had my writing muse visit in some time, so I'm going to jump start myself by re-reading some of my old stories.

These are just stories that pop into my head from time to time and I write them down... some are short, some are fairly long.  Anyway, I thought I'd invite you to read along (if you're so inclined... not a problem if you're not as I've not a lot of time to read any really long blogs myself).  But again, I could use the feedback.  However, I do realize that these are not up to professional writer standards... just scenarios that take on a life of their own inside my head.

I'm going to start with "Whisperings".  It's a semi-science fiction story about a higher life form infiltrating our world in a compassionate long term process for the ultimate good of man-kind.  It's written in 4 parts - none of which are very long.

And for those who do not wish to read my ramblings, I'll post some more pictures of things that interest me and may be of interest to you.

The first are pictures from one of my favorite watercolor books "Drawing Closer" by Carolyn Blish:

and a few pages from her book...

I would love to be able to watercolor like this. The third painting is my favorite as there's something about how gulls land that fascinates me... (you really need to click on these pictures and see them larger to appreciate them).

Next is just a few of Ann Purser's cozy mysteries that I enjoy reading.  These pictured are the Ivy Beasley series (3).  At the moment I'm almost finished the Lois Meade series (about 12).

And lastly... I'm posting a picture that a friend posted on Facebook recently that I thought was amazing...



  1. The water color illustrations are amazing. It is wonderful that kids are exposed to that kind of art--written words and visual painting.

  2. I gave the story a quick read. Boy, do I ever wish stories would just pop into my head like that! My suggestion is the standard: show don't tell. For example, don't tell us she thought someone was watching, describe her actions--the furtive looks over her shoulder, the nervous reaching into her pockets to grasp the pepper spray, the stumbling on the gravel as she hurried to the car. Take the reader right into the scene. You have all the story elements. Keep writing!

    1. Olga, thanks for reading. And I appreciate your suggestions. I'm afraid that when I write I don't spend a lot of time on the 'how to do it'. The story flows out. It's more a case of getting it down on paper and out of my head. However, sometimes when I reread, I do make some changes... so I'll keep your suggestions in mind.

  3. -clapping hands- Cozy suggestions. Thank you!!!

  4. Have reserved a couple of Ann Purser books, at my library.

    You are a Treasure Trove of suggestions, for any Cozy Mystery lover. :-)

    Have you ever compiled a list of Cozy Mysteries, which you have loved?

    1. I do have a list of Cozy Mystery Authors... on my iPhone... so that when I go to the bookstore, I can check on their latest. But it's pretty long, so I'll have to peruse it and get back to you.

  5. I have doodles in my brain and you have words...we could be a team. :)


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