Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Then... and now

a few years ago...

and now...

As you who read my blog know, our grand daughter just spent a week with us. She is great with the cats and spends a lot of her time either playing with them (Jack misses her already) or taking pictures of them as well as the outside cats, raccoons, possums (we have a tiny one that visits these days), etc. She will sit for hours perfectly still waiting for them to come close. Or she will don rubber boots and head out by the creek looking for turtles and snakes.  Yes, she is a natural born nature-lover.  You can find more pics of her riding at an early age here.  (just scroll down to "Grand daughter and her horses")

But when she's here in Dallas, she misses her horses, dogs, cats, and turtles back home.  Luckily she has an iPhone and can use it to see and talk to them daily... as well as her family and friends (kind of like skyping?)

Loving animals seems to run in the family as even our youngest grand daughter (7 mons) seems to be fascinated with the cats and gets so excited when she sees them.  She wants to grab them... and occasionally does.  Luckily they don't seem to mind.  (We don't let her grab Rose... Rose is a bit unpredictable).  And recently she found the pink horse (which use to be other GD's when she was young) and is crazy about it . We have to laugh as she actually jumps up and down on it like she's 'posting'...

She likes to feel the fur...

Here she is jumping up and down hanging onto the mane...

and lastly here is a picture of that tiny possum that has become a nightly visitor...

we call him 'Tossum' (for tiny possum - original, yes?)


  1. Beautiful "Grands"... Simply beautiful...

    And of course, I love to see "Grand-Girls," with red hair! :-)


  2. Love your little granddaughter's joyful laughter. Another horsewoman in the making. :-)

    When I was coming in to work yesterday, crossing one of the streets, I saw a family of five raccoons by the sidewalk. I was too far away for even a half-decent snapshot, but I was agog at seeing five altogether. Once in a while I see one crossing a road, but I've never seen five at one go. I know it's common for you, though!

  3. Such wonderful pictures of some adorable grands. You are very blessed to have them, and I do think horse sense runs in families. What a cute thing Tossum is! :-)

  4. You have beautiful grand children. I am glad to hear they carry on the family tradition of caring for the animals.

  5. What wonderful photos of you GD's glad they love and care about animals ...and Tossum is so cute....I'd love to sit and watch him and your other visitors. xx

  6. Gosh, your elder granddaughter is turning into a beauty, Rian, and the little one is so sweet. Enjoy them - they grow up SO fast.

  7. What a charming post..full of cute grand photo's and that little possum is adorable. I love posts like this. :)

  8. What a happy happy post ;....I love everything in it. :))


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