Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Rose is about 22 years old in people years. This is over 100 in cat years if you go by the charts. Rose came to us in 2001 (Vet looked at her teeth and said that she was about 7 at that time). She appeared in our Rose Garden... and stayed. For a while she was an inside/outside cat, but when she came home with a broken leg from a dog bite, she became inside only as were our other cats. 

We think Rose was abused before she came to us. When we took her to the Vet to be checked out, she had both her front incisors broken. Vet suggested that she had been kicked...?? This might account for the fact that she wasn't a terribly friendly cat... or the fact that she wasn't terribly friendly might have caused someone to do this to her?? Don't know. All we know is that she took a liking to DH and followed him around like a puppy dog. She tolerated the rest of us. But she was never a lap cat and didn't generally like to be petted. Over the years she has mellowed and now does like me to brush her (for a little while anyway).

The reason I'm writing this is that suddenly Rose has taken a turn... and I think she's getting ready to leave us. She has taken to lying next to the Aga (which all the cats do for warmth) all the time. Doesn't move much except to drink a little water that I keep close by. She refused to eat anything today and although she did drink, seems very weak. I brushed her a few times today and she didn't complain. We could take her to the Vet's... but hate to put her through that if it's just her time to go. (They would want to run a bunch of tests - that would cause her more distress which at her age, she doesn't need).   We won't let her suffer. But at the moment, she doesn't seem to be in any discomfit... just weak and sleeping a lot.

DH and I decided to watch her another day.


  1. My thoughts are with you. I know how you are feeling.


  2. Oh, Rose. This saddens me, but at 22 she's had a good long life with you and I know dying is a natural process. I will keep her (and you) in my thoughts and prayers, and hope that she passes quietly, peacefully and gently in her sleep. Blessings to you all. Peace and hugs, and purrs from the boys.

  3. This is both sad and comforting. Rose has lived a good long life and has been cared for by people who love her for a good long while. People who abuse animals make me sick. Thank you for having introduced Rose to me through your blog. I'm hoping for a gentle passing, which is what I wish for myself.

  4. They are such dear old friends. And, twenty two years is a long time to know a cat. All my best thoughts to Rose.

  5. It sounds as though she knows it is her time and I hope it is a peaceful exit. I was touched to hear that you want to spare her extra trauma of medical treatment. I hope someone is that caring when my time comes. I hope that doesn't sound morbid.

  6. I'm so sorry if this is Rose's time to leave you. It certainly sounds as though she's telling you it may be time. How fortunate that she found you and your DH, enjoying many years of love (or at least as much as she would tolerate). As others have said, I hope she goes peacefully and without pain.

  7. Sorry to hear about Rosie. It's hard when cats get to the point where you know their time is near and you dither around as to whether to try to forestall the inevitable or end things for them or let nature take it's course. I'm glad you have chosen to let her go peacefully without any intervention. She certainly has been lucky to have had so many good years with you and your family.


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