Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day... Feb 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

There's not a lot going on today, but DH and I walked this morning, then stopped by Chuy's for lunch. After that, we headed to Pet's Mart to try to find something to cut Rose's mats out. Yes, Rose is still with us. She has her good days and bad days, but in general seems to be content. But she does have mats. Normally we would take her to the Vet and have them shave her, but they have to anesthetize her to do that, and at her age, we're not willing to do this. I have tried using a scissors, but they are so close to her skin that I can't get all of them out... and even at this stage... she isn't very co-operative. Well, we bought this weird comb/razor type thing that we will try. Here's a picture of it. 

dematting blade

We will give it a try when she's in a sleepy mood.  Tried when we first got home and she would have none of it.

The other thing that was going on today was my 3 year old grand daughter sewed a catnip toy for our cats. Her mom sews very well and also quilts beautifully and she likes to sit on her mom's lap and sew herself. Anyway, she had given me the toy a few days ago and I had put it in my pocket and forgotten about it. I remembered this morning and took it out - throwing it on the floor to our cats. Julie got to it first and wouldn't let it go.

Julie with catnip toy

Then Tux took it away from Julie... and finally Ghost got hold of it.

Ghost with catnip toy

That's when things got interesting. Tux tried to take it from Ghost, but she refused to give it up... growled and kept him at a stand-off. Finally we took it away from all of them until grand daughter can make a few more.

Nothing much new otherwise. Visited at both our sons' houses this week and enjoyed it very much. Love being with all of them. Grandkids are growing up way too fast. Hope we get to visit daughter's place in the Hill Country this Spring. Love going there also. 

Made a few more clay critters ... more chickens... these are a little larger than the other ones, and a blue bunny?  I'm working on another fox, but he's still in the creative process of becoming a fox. 

You probably can't tell these chickens are larger...

Here are the larger ones (before underglaze)  next to the first ones I'd made


my silly blue bunny waiting for underglaze to dry...

original critters still in kiln at studio for final firing

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. Voting for the Primaries in here in Texas. DH and I did the early voting, so nothing for us to do but wait and see.

It will be what it will be... (and heaven help us all)


  1. We got a razor type comb for Toby, a long hair. He would have no part of any other comb we bought, but he lets the girls comb a cat's worth of hair from him on occasion. I must look for that mat tool. We still use scissors (nippers), but it can be touch and go, and sometimes he just goes.

    1. You made me laugh, Joanne... "sometimes he just goes". Yes, that's the way here too. All our cats love to be brushed or combed (especially Ghost who has a very thick undercoat), except Rose (who is the only long-hair). She will tolerate it for a few minutes... and then she "just goes" or tries to bite you (meaning stop! I've had enough).

  2. Your grand daughter is showing a talent very early in the game.

    1. You are right there, Olga. Her mom and mom's mom are terrific sewers/seamstresses?. I only touched a needle when I started quilting about a year ago.

  3. Your granddaughter is pretty amazing! I'm a mature woman who wouldn't sew a catnip toy. LOL.

    I love all your critters, especially your bunny and that fox. :-)

    1. But Kim, you're never too old to learn (if you have an interest). I can't sew worth a darn, but machine quilting has gotten to be fun (and I'm 70).

      I've just started on some new critters; a cat, another fox, and a little mouse/rat...

  4. I love your pretty fox! And did you know that some cats aren't interested in catnip? Some missing gene, I guess. Apparently your cats know what to do with catnip. :-)

    1. This is true, DJan. Some are not interested or affected by it. Our 4 all get dopey with it. But we have had cats in the past that weren't affected.

  5. I think you've found your calling your animals are great; I use a comb on my cat one of those old fashioned ones.

  6. Thanks, Linda. I enjoy sculpting the little critters. It comes easier than hand-building or wheel throwing...


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