Monday, February 1, 2016

quilts, clay pots, and laptop computers...

Working on quilting again...

new puppy quilt

Bottom section sewn, top just laid out

close up of puppy fabric
This is a puppy quilt I'm making for my friend's little dog, Mei. I gave her a puppy quilt for her old dog, Teddie, a while back and he uses it faithfully. Sometimes he shares, sometimes he doesn't. The last pic she sent me of them, Teddie had the quilt and Mei had a towel. So I decided Mei needed her own quilt.  This is also a new (but simple) pattern that I wanted to try. I really like the pastel colors.

Next is just a few basic clay pieces I made in pottery class last week to see if I could still throw after the long holiday. I'm actually working on some casserole dishes this semester... both hand-built as well as thrown. There is a technique I'd like to learn where you throw a round casserole on the wheel and then square it. But I think I may try my hand at a little hand-building this time around... as well as my little animal sculptures.

the small vase, cup, and bowl are mine...

... and lastly, Dell had a simple laptop on sale at Best Buy this week for $199.  DH and I took a look at it today and decided that it would do as a backup computer until our old Dell Desktop crashes - which hopefully won't happen for a year or so yet. Then we plan to get a good laptop to replace it. This one does however, have Windows 10 on it. Our old computer still has Vista... but it works fine... so far.

new Dell

Oh... I also took a 70 Selfie of myself the other day for a friend in N.O.   She and I were room-mates in college and although we don't see each other often, do email regularly and send silly selfies. This one wasn't too bad... most of mine are really funny looking.

She keeps telling me to look up and smile... but when I do, I look like a deer caught in the headlights.

Have a good week!


  1. A puppy quilt, how nice! The cat frequently commandeers the dog's bed, but doesn't take her blanket, probably because she slinks away with it still on her back.

    1. Yes, Joanne... puppy and kitty quilts! And they seem to love them. I started making them to just get some practice in making small quilts and found that they really do like them! In fact, my cats want to lie on them before I even get them completed. I'm constantly chasing them off my quilt table.

  2. Love the new puppy quilt, and the selfie is really good! I cannot look up when I take a selfie, either, or I look like I've grown a nose two sizes too big. :-)

    1. I know, DJan. And if you try to use that app that reverses the camera... whoa! that's a bit too close.

  3. The quilt is very pretty and the colors wonderful. I'm always impressed by people who do pottery. We have a nice iMac desktop computer but I don't enjoy desktop computers. I do most everything on my iPhone 6 that has the larger screen. I also have a mini-iPad I use some. Don't know anything about Windows 10.

    1. Well, this new laptop will be fine if I can get a separate mouse attached. Using that center piece for a mouse is not... comfortable. I do use my iPhone 6 for almost everything, but don't really care to write on it.

  4. great photo of you and nice both dogs will have a quilt; every time I walk by the magazine rack and see quilt displayed I have a yearning to do that again, I saw a crazy handbag on the front of one recently and really had to keep my hands tied behind my back. Your pots are looking great; can't wait to see them finished.


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