Thursday, February 4, 2016

cats and cat-i-tude...

Ghost was checking out parrot in computer room
Tux and Julie love to go into the computer room.  Ghost just recently decided to start checking it out. Since it is full of paperwork, junk, and grandkids' toys, she is a bit fascinated. Here she was checking out the parrot.

"I will not look at you... get that camera out of my face"

"no... still not looking"

Cats' facial expressions intrigue me. Ghost doesn't have many... and most are grumpy.  I tend to grab my iPhone or camera at all times of the day. The cats are not always happy with this. These two previous ones are her, "I am not amused" faces.

And as mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased an inexpensive Dell laptop. We keep it in the den and use it occasionally while watching TV. Well, Tux is the only male cat remaining in our house-hold and he has the most 'cat-i-tude'.  He is a good natured cat, but gets his feelings hurt very easily. If he is sitting on my lap and another cat passes by... if I have the audacity to pet them, he is insulted and will get up and leave. If another cat is sitting on my lap, and he wants the spot, he just sits on top of them until they leave. He doesn't like me to knit or read or do anything but pay attention to him during what he considers his time. He will knock my knitting needles away or put his face over the page I'm reading. Well, I was using the laptop and set it aside on the sofa... in it's case. Tux jumped up on the sofa and sat on it. If I was even thinking about using it again, he would give me 'the look'.  Look at these next pictures and you will recognize 'the look'. 

"No, don't even think about it"

"I mean it..."

"not looking at you..."

And yes, they are spoiled.  When you live with cats for 20 or more years, you do communicate in various ways. Both Tux and Julie are very vocal. They yell for what they want... whether it's to get into a particular room (or to get out of a particular room), if they want treats, etc.  Well, Tux loves to drink out of people's glasses.  It's a bad habit... but one we decided we couldn't win, so what's the phrase, 'if you can't beat them, join them'... I started giving Tux his own glass so he would leave mine alone. Now he actually expects it...if we have a glass, he wants his... and asks for it. I fill a water glass and add a few ice-cubes and he's happy. In fact, they all like to drink out of Tux's glass now. There's usually a line awaiting their turn.  Now, this is besides the fact that they have a water bowl in the kitchen and another in the bathroom as well as a kitty water fountain on the floor.... go figure?

"my glass"

"Can I have some?"


Hope you all have a great rest of the week! I've been fighting a croupy cough this week so missed my exercise classes (coughing keeping me awake... but better last night).


  1. I only have one cat and that's a lot of cattitude. He can be wearing his prettiest face, and it turns away the instant the camera comes out.

  2. I don't know how some people can think that only humans have emotions or personalities or souls. Each Being is distinctive and unique, no matter what species.

    Yes, I know that look (Tux's) very well. :-)

    Hope you're better soon!

    1. Thanks, Kim. It's true. Every specie has their variety of personalities. My daughter's chickens are even individual. One is a comedian that goes around giving the others a little push when they're bent over eating... (kinda like tippin' cows).

  3. I hope you're feeling better now.
    This is a fun post about the cats and their xpressions are so comical at times.


  4. Oh, we used to have long involved conversations with our huge gray cat, Jaxson. He absolutely adored Mike and barely tolerated me. He would aggressively wake me (not an easy task) to feed him while letting Mike sleep. All the rest of the time he paid attention only to Mike. When my husband retired a year before I did, I would get home in the winter and the two of them would be sitting side by side in front of the fire. I would get such a look!!
    Letting me know I was intruding. From the cat, not my husband.

    1. We have one like Jaxson, Olga. She is the old white one, Rose. She absolutely loves DH and tolerates me. But she's gotten better with me as she's aged...

  5. Cats! There is not another creature like them, but you know, I love them so much. I like the shy ones the best. :-)

    1. Thibbadeaux was our shy one. He's the orange tabby that no one ever saw as he stayed hidden if anyone was around. But he was the sweetest cat.

  6. Oh I know that look well. My Saku (who is also black and white) has it mastered. Both he and Sami like to drink from my glass as well, but I've never thought to give them their own.

    Hope you are feeling better.


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