Tuesday, March 13, 2018

disquieting news...

I received a text from a family member recently telling me her son has been diagnosed with cancer. It was caught early and hopefully has not spread. They will know more when they do surgery next week. 

I hate this. Having had my father, sister, and brother die of cancer (and having/had it myself), I know what she (and he) are going through... all that fear and tears, surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc.  Not that long ago my son's father-in-law was diagnosed and passed away within a year.  My good friend's husband  and son both have Melanoma. Probably all of you know someone who has gone through this or perhaps even yourself.  The real issue faced (besides the cancer itself) is fear... and despite the fact that it is a legitimate fear, it has to be faced down and overcome. Fear will destroy you.

I thank God every day that my children and grandchildren are healthy... knowing that at any time this could change... especially as they too age. My children are all in their 40's. My sister was diagnosed when she was 49, died at 51. Brother was diagnosed at 59, died at 59. I was diagnosed at 55... and so far am a 'survivor'. Why? Don't know... guess it was found early enough to stop from spreading?? I still go for my annual check... and after feel that I'm 'good to go' for at least another year.

My mother used to say that children were not supposed to die before their parents. But she had to go through this with 2 of hers (my siblings)... and I wondered at her strength.  Mom never had cancer. But she did develop Alzheimer's in her later years. I have to say that I'm not sure which is worse. 

Anyway, I didn't intend this post to be maudlin. Just needed to get my feelings out.  One little text from a family member brought all these emotions to the surface. 

Please pray for this young man. He lost his father to a heart attack just about 2 years ago... and now this. He needs others' thoughts and prayers. I am a big believer that thoughts and prayers are powerful.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. You and this young man have my prayers for a good outcome. Sending virtual hugs, too.

  2. Absolutely he is in my thoughts and prayers, as are you all. Nicki and Derry send their purrs.

  3. I think that the fear, and what we imagine, is sometimes worse than the reality. Fear can be crippling. I do hope things have been found early for this young man and he can be added to a list of survivors. -Jenn

  4. The young man is in my prayers and I am asking for a complete healing for him. Fear can always pop up, even in the time of Jesus when he often encouraged us to "fear not."

  5. I will be praying for this young man. My mom passed last year from lung and brain cancer, it is a horrible disease. When I was younger I didn't know a single soul that had cancer. Now I hear about it almost every week. I wish I knew it our diets? environment? It makes me wonder what is so different. I know cigarettes have a major impact..more so now than ever since the companies are adding so many different chemicals so people have trouble quitting...but other cancers, too. Just so sad.

  6. I understand your feeling very well. Although Tom doesn't have cancer what he does have is going to kill him. He has Fibrosis of the lungs and there is no cure. Worse that cancer in some ways as at least sometimes there is help with cancer.
    We do not know how long he has, it may be months it could be years we just have to live with it and hope that he can keep going.
    At first we were all in pieces, but its surprising how quickly you can come to terms with things and get on with life.
    Now, we just live each day as fully and with as much love as we can give each other. We've had 57 years together so we've been lucky.
    I do hope this family members son can get throught things and come out the other side.

    1. So sorry to hear Tom's prognosis. They gave my sister 6 months, but she lived almost 2 years... so you never know. What I have learned from people who have commented is that we really must be thankful every day for the time we have.

  7. You have picked the best illustrations for this post. Warm thoughts and healing prayers sent your way.

  8. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I just learned that he has an appointment with the surgeon this Friday. So I'm guessing they will schedule his surgery then. Will keep you updated.

  9. Dear Rian, I will pray and send healing thoughts. I'll think of him with healing white light surrounding his body. The light, warm and penetrating, is oozing through his pores to all the rest of his body bringing health and healing. Please let us know as time passes how things are going for him. Peace.


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