Sunday, March 10, 2019

cats are endearing...

Our 3 cats this morning

Innocent looking, aren't they? But I have to gather up their toys from all over the house in the morning and put them back on their quilts.


I took this last night while Tux was lying on my lap. He is my 'familiar' - I think that's the right term - wants to be where-ever I am, watches my every move, and stares holes through me. I love him to death, but sometimes its a little un-nerving. I tend to tease him... when he stares, I'll wiggle my eyebrows at him... and he'll jerk his head up and yowl. Don't know if he likes it or doesn't, but it definitely is a way to communicate with him. 

I titled this post, "cats are endearing"... but of course dogs can be too. I know this. My daughter's dogs are very much so. Her Great Dane, Moose, is such a sweetie. He wants to be a lap dog and loves being hugged. These next pics shows him trying to get a hug from my 17 year old grand daughter (all you can see in the first pic are her legs).

Moose wanting a hug...

Moose getting his hug....

Moose on her lap....

Yes, he is a sweetie... a very big sweetie!

Going to close this now with a picture I took from Pinterest, (I think). I  have always been fascinated with crows or ravens... 

love this pic!

Have a wonderful Sunday and as always, thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Moose is aptly named! He's gigantic, and obviously a big sook.

    I love the photos of your cats. Of course they are innocent until proven guilty.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. We're having a messy mix of wet snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and rain in our corner of the world, so we're all snuggled up inside and doing our own sookie things. :-)

    1. So sorry about the winter mix you are getting. We finally are back to the 70's here. I hope it stays. Our Bradford pears are blooming, so hopefully spring is on its way.

  2. Love your cats, and I laughed out loud at that very BIG lap dog. He looks adorable, even if he things he's ever gonna find a big enough lap! :-)

    1. Cats and dogs can be wonderful. Dogs show unconditional love... cats too, but with 'cattiude' on occasion.

  3. My goodness, Moose is definitely a moose of a dog. What a cutie though and obviously a love bug. Your Tux is my Saku, though I've never tried the eyebrow move.

    Have a great day!

    1. Try the eyebrow move... it's funny how Tux reacts.

  4. Aww those pictures of Moose made me miss my first Dane Loki. They really do want to be lap dogs and are gentle giants. Loki could sit on the couch like a person.


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