Friday, December 4, 2015

post Thanksgiving thoughts...

Julie checking out Christmas decorations

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday... with family.  Since we don't really have Thanksgiving decorations, ours were a mixture of Halloween and Christmas.  We have a sign on our door that says "Merry Christmas", but I wish it said "Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas" all in one!

The food was wonderful... (everyone brought something delicious)... and the company was fantastic!  We also went to see the last Hunger Games movie Friday and then hung out at the house later that evening.  I wish I had thought to take more pics while everyone was here, but was too busy enjoying the company to think about it. Someone took this one on my cell phone while we were all sitting around the fireplace... 

2 grand daughters watching something on cell

Since Thanksgiving, we've had a lot of rain and cold weather, so most of my time has been spent sitting around the fireplace... and as you can see in the next pics, Tux and Julie prefer to do this also.

Tux and Julie enjoying the fireplace
Later I found this...

Tux on his own being comfy

Ghost on my pillow (not liking being disturbed)

Guess now it's time to focus on Christmas... which is what? 3 short weeks away!  Lots to do, but what it boils down to is more family time - looking forward to that!


  1. It sounds like you all have had a lovely time, with more celebrating to come, of course. And the cats look very cosy!

    My family is so small, I don't quite have the same feeling, but I'm glad there ARE people who have close ties and lots of extended family members. I was chatting with a coworker who has a LOT of dysfunction in her family, with various siblings not talking to one another or to a parent, etc. That seems sad to me, and I guess that just because one does have family nearby, it doesn't mean it's healthy or happy.

    1. Kim, our immediate family isn't that large... with our 3 kids and their families, we are only 15 (My brother-in-law has 6 kids and when they all get together in Louisiana with families and friends, there are about 90). I'm pretty sure that I couldn't handle that many, but our family group get along fine... and I thoroughly enjoy when we are all together. But you are right, holiday times can be stressful times.
      Our cats really enjoy it. They don't care for a house-full of people, but they love the tree and decorations!

  2. I loved that beautiful picture of your two granddaughters!

    1. I do too. Wish it was clearer. The rest of us were talking or dozing by the fire. They were absorbed in something on you-tube... think it was horrid harry?

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

    Christmas is definitely going to be here far more quickly that I'd like. I feel like I'm so far behind I'll be luck to be ready for Orthodox Christmas Day (Jan 7, 2016). Good luck with your preparations.

    1. Thanks, Eileen. Yes, Christmas kind of rushes up on you after Thanksgiving.


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