Tuesday, December 8, 2015

tis the season...

Ghost says hi!

DH and I went walking at the Mall Monday.  Santa was there talking to the kids before the photo shots, so I snapped a few pics of him. He really is a nice looking Santa. 

... and further down there was a Santa and sleigh complete with reindeer as well as a gingerbread house display

Pretty impressive houses! That's one Christmas tradition we've never adhered to... making gingerbread houses. We make rum cakes and Christmas tea cookies and whiskey balls, but no gingerbread houses. Do you make them? And are they good to eat or just for show?

Talking about being good to eat - I just made a huge pot of African Chicken Peanut soup. We don't make a lot of soup - but this one is so easy and delicious that we do try to make it fairly often. My daughter makes it also down in San Antonio. I sent her a picture on my iPhone as we were talking and she said , "Funny... I was just thinking about that soup". 

African Chicken Peanut Soup

We also bought some white chocolate peppermint tea at Teavana. It's one of their seasonal teas that you can't get at other times throughout the year. I hope to buy more when they put it on sale after Christmas. 

Well, that's about it. Oh... I did promise someone I would post a pic of my cat sculpture that blew up in the kiln.  I actually modeled it after Ghost except for the ears. Ghost has really neat little ears, but some cats (especially some kittens have very large ears and it's so..oo cute.) 

Skita's ears...

cat sculpture that exploded...
After I did the ears, I knew they were too large... and I was planning to remove and redo them. But when I showed DH, he said he kind of liked them (probably reminded him of Skita's ears), so I decided to leave them alone.  

Oh, and DH got a picture of one of our *on again - off again* outside feral kits this week. He is about 6 - 9 months old and has a beautiful mane of grey fur around his neck. He and his mom show up in our front garden ever so often.



  1. Yes, he's right: those ears are JUST PERFECT. Why I don't know, but they are. :-)

  2. I like your sculpture, yes, the ears are fine! And it's great to see pics of your ferals, so well cared for. (Hi back to Ghost!)

    Your mall has a great Santa! We have a nice "Santa's Village" in our big mall, but no gingerbread houses. I remember the first year or two we were here we went to a gingerbread house display/contest in town -- I was amazed at the intricacy! They were works of art!

    Purrs and peace from the boys.

    1. Thanks, Kim. Leo is a good looking little cat... unusual with that band of hair around his neck.

  3. Leo--so cute with that old man scruff and ear hair!

  4. I like the cat sculpture with big ears, personality, the feral cat is beautiful and that is really a nice gingerbread display.

    1. Thanks, Linda. The gingerbread display was about 3 times that large. But there were lots of people around, so I didn't get many pics.

  5. I'd like to try that soup. I'll check out a recipe on the web.

    1. It's probably out there, but if you need it, I can email it to you, John.


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