Thursday, June 20, 2024

just a few little things...

Nothing terribly exciting going on, so I thought I'd just do another mishmash (hodgepodge? ragbag?) of a few little things.

We do 'teatime' every day between 3 and 4pm, so I took pics of my tea cups the last 2 days (lame, I know... but I like teacups).

 Sculptured Grape by Metlox-Poppy Trail


Both days I was having GF Schar shortbread cookies with my tea. They aren't wonderful, but are ok. I really like shortbread cookies and real Scottish Walkers GF shortbread cookies are great, but a bit expensive.

These are DH and my coffee cups. I'm not supposed to have coffee due to a bladder/kidney problem, but I let myself have a 'little bit' anyway... and use espresso size cups. 

And this is a new yogurt brand that I'm trying. Haven't actually tasted it yet. But it comes in these adorable little ceramic pots, which I plan to use for something (maybe plants?). And one of the flavors here is lavender. I'm looking forward to trying that.

The only other new addition to our house is my Fiddle Leaf fig plant:

We hope it will do well in this area by the 2 windows.  We shall see. It is part of my new plan to add more plants in the house. We never could when we had inside cats as they would chew on them... and some could be toxic.  Also if you notice the slate floor, that was also due to the cats. Decided a long time ago that slate was better than carpet when you have cats. But don't get me wrong, we still love our slate floors. 

And one meme or saying I saw somewhere and thought...
"Yes, that's how I feel"... even though taking the high road doesn't always win (at first). Hopefully, it will in the end.

and I like this meme too:


That's it for today! Hope you are all having a wonderful week! 

Hugs (virtual),



  1. I love your tea cups. When my tummy allows it I really enjoy a cup of chai, but have it in a mug.
    I hear you on cats and carpet. And cats and plants.

    1. Well, I'm not supposed to have tea either... but 1/3 of a small cup of English or Irish tea with cream is an essential in my life.

  2. .That last one is funny. Hope the frog made it after all :-)

  3. I've had to give up coffee too, though treat myself to an iced coffee once a week. That's far less than the pot a day I used to drink. :p
    The last meme had me puzzled for a minute - very funny!

    1. Mae, I'd love to have a frappe Mocha one day again... but so far am happy with a few sips here and there.
      Yes, the last meme says to me 'keep fighting' no matter what!

  4. So jealous of those little pots. I have been looking for them, but no stores near me sell them. I used to do "coffee break" in the morning with my little grandchildren. I need to revive that tradition. And I don't think anyone had coffee in their cups, lol.

    1. Try googling (maybe you already have) the little pots of yogurt. They told me that Central Market had them... and they did! And I tried the lavender one this morning. It was good! Very small hint of lavender - not strong at all.

  5. you tea cups are pretty...i remember you saying, once before, that you have tea every day. i don't like coffee, only tea and i only drink one cup per day in the morning!! do you want to know why?? "tea makes you pee"!! hehehehe

    1. This is true... and why I get up so many times during the night. I do have tea several times a day (1/3 cup each time)... and even before bed sometimes. (DH's sweet ice tea is the worse for that... but couldn't live without it) As for coffee, I love it too, but only have a tiny cup in the morning.

  6. I love tea cups too.
    Well, I love all tea things as one look at my china hutch will confirm.
    I too have wheat allergies.
    The cost of gluten free products have become cost prohibitive.
    My local grocery stores gf bread is seven ninety nine to ten dollars a loaf!
    I bake my own. Gluten free shortbread
    is easy and way cheaper to make.
    Not to mention tastes fabulous.
    I find great recipes on the Internet blogs all the time.
    Enjoy your tea time.

    1. GF products are cost prohibitive. I don't try a lot that I see because it's just too expensive. But occasionally I will bite the bullet and try something $$$ and 'sometimes' it turns out to be a good choice (sometimes not). Recently I bought a brand called Cappello's in the frozen dept. Both biscuits and Brown sugar cookies are really good (but $8-$9) for a bag. As for bread, I use sourdough and can tolerate it fine.


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