Monday, July 16, 2012

B. W. O.


Saw this on someones site recently and thought it pretty cute. Most of you probably know what it means, but I didn't.  For those of you who may be clueless (like myself) , it means "blogging without obligation" and I got it here.  I didn't know how to copy the whole message, so I did it my way and linked it.  Anyway, I thought it an original idea... kind of a waiver saying "I'll blog when and if feel like it!"

Today is a quiet Monday. I won't have many of them in the Fall when Pottery takes over again, so am trying to enjoy them now.  I did a little more 'clearing out' of my computer room... just in case grand daughter decides to come spend some time with us.  She usually does for a week or so each summer, but this summer I have had some health probs that interfered.  But it may still happen.  We have a guest room upstairs, but she prefers to stay in her mom's old room which is adjacent to ours and is now my computer/study (it does have a daybed in it). Unfortunately it is also used as a 'store it all' throughout the year... so it gets a bit cluttered.  In some places there are attics or basements that accommodate this problem, but here we don't have basements and the attics are too friggin hot to even attempt putting much up there. So here I sit with a Santa Claus and old wooden sign saying "Merry Christmas!" on the side of my desk... not to mention boxes of files and old papers that need going through. Oh well, such is life.

This afternoon DH and I plan to visit the town of McKinney.  It's only 15- 20 minutes from us, but has a quaint little town square with shops and eating places.  His brother and wife are coming in a few weeks to visit and we thought we'd take them to a restaurant that I went to with friends a while back.  DH wasn't with us, so I thought we'd go today and have some pie and coffee... and let him check it out.  We need to take the back roads as the highway is being worked on and a real pain to navigate at times.

This is one of our male box turtles that come by to eat the cat chow we feed the ferals (they should call it 'cat, turtle, raccoon, & possum' chow). I marked his shell with a bit of nail polish to distinguish him from some of the others that live in our yard. He's a nice size, but not as large as some of the females. He also likes strawberries, figs, and apples (the figs and apples grow in our yard, the strawberries we get at Central Market and share with him on occasion). We live on a creek and the box turtles and red sliders seem to be abundant... (we also keep our area as organic as possible - no insecticides).


  1. The B.W.O. is a great idea. I actually almost quit the Cat Blogosphere this past winter because I was struggling with blogging obligations (self-imposed), trying to keep up with the 350+ blogs I follow (after I pared them down), comment every day, etc. I completely burned out.

    So now I really do try to blog without obligation. I'm better, though still feel that sense of duty to participate in the CB (via this Fuzzy Tales blog).

    My personal blog is another matter, I'm not part of any on-line community there, so if/when I blog doesn't matter as much to me.

    I like your box turtle...wonder what my boys (cat) would think of him. LOL.

    Have a great day, have fun in McKinney!

    -Kim (Musings on a Small Life and Fuzzy Tales)

    1. Kim, the older cats don't bother much with the turtles. The kittens are curious and sometimes sneak up and watch them when their eating. Occasionally a brave soul will reach out and tap a turtle and then quickly jump back when he pulls back into his shell. It's kind of funny to watch.


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