Sunday, July 8, 2012

Definitely older...

67th birthday just passed this week!  Don't have any recent photo, but found this one of my 56th birthday taken while breakfasting at Le Madeleine's 11 years ago.  If you change the dark hair to almost white (and that partly due to radiation), I'm not that different... maybe a little thinner and even though I wear my hair in a long ponytail or braid these days, the looks the same. I'm still me... just old.

Like all of us whose birthdays fall close to a holiday, our day becomes embedded into the holiday. For years growing up, the family's 4th of July picnic was always my birthday celebration. Not as bad as having to share a birthday with Christmas... in fact, it just added more festivity to the national holiday.  And how many kids get fireworks on their birthday!!

Don't have any words of wisdom to share.  And it's not that 67 is that old.  But the fact that neither my brother nor my sister made it this far impacts me.  It's made me very appreciative of life in general, and mine in particular.  DH and I are both retired, and although not financially well off, we do ok. Our kids are all grown and hard-working, and our grand kids are fantastic. So-oo I guess what I'm saying is "Happy Birthday to me!" 


  1. Belated happy birthday. I hope the day was filled with love and with joy. :-)

  2. It was... thank you. DH's birthday is next week. Since they are so close together, we usually pick a date in between to celebrate.

  3. Hi Rian! I've enjoyed finding your blog and reading your past posts!

    1. Thanks, Julia. I love your site! Your place is fantastic... between the gardening, livestock, and pottery... I may have to live vicariously through you.


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