Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Aga...

In 2005 we remodeled our kitchen and put in an Aga.  It's a simple story, but there is a story.
For years I followed an online friend's blog, and he made mention several times in his posts how much he missed his Aga.  He lives 'across the pond' in England. Being from the States, I had no idea what an Aga was. So I researched it and found that even though they were not popular here, they were still available.  So DH and I decided to check them out.  Well... for a kitchen appliance, we both thought they were absolutely beautiful. I had the intention of 'admiring from afar'.... beautiful, but not attainable.  DH had different ideas.  So... tada! 

And if you're wondering if we later regretted our purchase because of the Texas heat (an Aga is on 24/7 - continuous heat - no knobs), the answer is no, we love it! The cats love it!  It does get a bit warm in the kitchen in July and August, but the rest of the year it offers warmth and comfort to us all. I tend to sit on the floor with my back to it and drink my coffee with the cats in the early mornings...



  1. I have heard of the Aga, and it does look so cozy in your kitchen. I am not sure about the on all the time aspect, though, and my kitchen is way too small for one.

    1. It's probably not something everyone would like, but fortunately for us, we are very happy with it. I tend to be cold blooded... so having something always warm around is very comforting (and the cats definitely agree).


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