Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a 3 day post...


I started reading 'A Rather Lovely Inheritance' yesterday.  Have to say that I wasn't impressed with the first chapter or two, but then it sort of took off... and I ended up reading over half the book... about 200 pages before falling asleep. So my report so far is that if you can get through the first few chapters, it gets 'rather' interesting after that. The main character, an American working girl,  inherits a 'rather lovely' old apartment in London and part of a Villa in the French Countryside...  but of course there's drama and conflict involved. Hope that's not a spoiler. But it's engaging as... wouldn't we all like a surprise inheritance like that?

In some ways it's similar to the Aunt Dimity Series by Nancy Atherton.  In that one, the main character inherits an English Cottage in the Cotswold's...  but Aunt Dimity is a cozy mystery series.  (It's plot is even similar to 'Buried in a Bog' which is a new cozy mystery series that involves a young woman inheriting a Pub in Ireland)  These are not heavy reading by any means, but light and enjoyable - the kind I like to read at bedtime.

And surprise! surprise!  DH found a new litter of feral kittens on the side of our house.  From what we can see there are only 2 and they look about 3 weeks old.


DH is off to feed son's cats again (but they should be home by this afternoon).  I'm actually spending this Sunday dusting and sucking up cat hair ( a never ending job with 6 cats).  I would like to spend the day underglazing my chess pieces, but until the sample piece comes out of the kiln, I'm holding off on that.

Plan to make a shepherd's pie for supper, clean and straighten a few rooms, and then continue reading Belmond's next book, " A Rather Curious Engagement".

Jack, Julie, and Rose... hanging out


Went to class this morning and worked on my cylinders.  Getting pretty bored with them... but hopefully my 'muscle memory' is improving.  After class, I headed over to the doctor's and got my flu shot... which pinched a bit, but didn't hurt.  However, later that evening, my arm was killing me.  I always wonder if it's the  actual meds or how or where the injection was given that causes this.  Guess we'll actually never know.  Luckily although it's still painful, it hasn't gotten any worse.

The following are some pics I took when DH and I were doing our 'exercise walk' over at one of the local malls.  The pumpkins were so pretty and this French stove in Williams Sonoma's window was beautiful... too beautiful to actually cook on (IMO).

Have a great week!


  1. I am glad to hear you got your flu shot. That has to mean that you are feeling better.

    1. Yes, thanks Olga. My scratchy throat is gone... replaced by a sore arm.

  2. Beautiful cats, beautiful display of pumpkins.
    I’m not sure that I’d like the books you mention, they do sound rather lightweight and same-ish.

    1. Friko, these books I mentioned ARE lightweight and a bit same-ish, but that's the kind of reading I like at night before bed. They are light reading... with a Hallmark quality... nothing ends badly, and no blood and guts or graphic sex. I do like historical fiction like Follett's Pillars of the Earth and World without End, and Mary Kelly's Galway Bay... and many others, but my preferences lean towards 'how I think the world could be'.... rather than 'how it has been and sometimes still is'... in other word, fiction... not non-fiction (unless it's science-related).

  3. Lovely! I need to get my flu shot soon, too. I am putting it off for some reason. :-)

  4. Like you I enjoy something light to read at night before I nod off.
    I think the pumpkins are rather cute and look really effective the way they are displayed.
    Have a good week.



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