Wednesday, October 9, 2013

one of those mornings...

Good Morning!  It's Wednesday and I've been up for a bit this morning.  Woke up with a scratchy throat and made some tea, tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't.  Got up and made crude clay jewelry from some left over tile pieces I had from my chess set.  What do you think?  I like this kind of stuff.  I wonder if anyone else would...

Anyway, it gave me something to do at 4 am.

7:20 pm :  Have been to the pottery studio from 9 till 2, lunch, read the paper, napped, supper, now back at the computer and maybe some TV.... (but not much on on Wednesday nights).

Ghost is here helping me with my crochet yarn...

Tux is wanting on my lap...

And that's the news for today.  DH and I are supposed to get our flu shots tomorrow, but don't know if they will give me mine with this scratchy throat.  We'll see.


  1. The pendants are charming. My grand daughters would be wearing them in a minute.

  2. I love your jewellery. I've always loved the bigger, heavier pieces rather than delicate ones. Those are really nice. I thought I could knit in my home but was quickly reminded by Audrey that it wasn't a good idea unless she could join in.

  3. i hope the scratchy throat is nothing. Good for you to go get the flu shot. I like your pendants a lot.


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