Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Medical masks - for dummies

Trying my hand at sewing medical masks

1st attempt - not too bad

Different pattern 

I'm not much of a seamstress... having never really done any real sewing. But I do machine quilt a bit. So I thought I'd try to make a few medical masks for me and my daughter.  DH has one that they gave him at the doctor's - and I do have one that a friend made me - but I thought 'how hard can it be?'  

First pattern I found was pretty easy... that's the top one here. This second pattern came out neater, but I had to rip out seams 3 times - probably won't do that one again. And I didn't have any elastic, so used my grand daughter's pony tail holders (which are not flat and don't sew too easily) for behind the ears.

Anyway, now my daughter will have 2 and I will have 2. The first one has a pouch in it where I cut up a new hyper-allergenic charcoal filter vacuum cleaner bag and inserted it in the pouch for extra protection. The second one only has 3 layers of fabric. 


The serviceman is supposed to be here tomorrow to repair our washing machine. He had to order a new transmission. It's been a week without being able to wash clothes... but since we can't go anywhere, it wasn't too much of a hardship.  

Also we are trying curb side delivery tomorrow for the first time. Ordered over a week ago, but all slots were filled until the 9th. Think we will try delivery service next time.

I also heard some talk about letting people go back to work soon???
I can't believe this. Even if they have to be 'supposedly' well... seems a bit dangerous when we haven't even reached the peak.


On a lava beach on Oahu last August

What a difference a few months make...

Going back there in my mind now

listening to the sound of the waves crashing


breathing in all that fresh air

(Forever grateful for that moment)

Hugs and Prayers to all of you,


  1. Nice looking masks. Oh, I sure hope they don't send people back to work too soon. I fear that we might end up starting all over again with the increasing cases. Penny wise but pound foolish.

    I had a chuckle out of the politician standing and speaking to a reporter about how perfectly safe it was to come out and vote in the primary that day, while the politician saying that was dressed in what looked like a hazmat suit of some sort, and a medical type mask.

  2. Nice masks, and good to have. Good job.

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I'm not into sewing... except some basic quilting... but they were pretty simple to make. And as you said, good to have.

  3. I can't believe anyone would think of sending people back to work unless they are essential. The peak isn't expected until mid to end of April and even then the return will need to be slow and gradual. Otherwise the numbers are likely to climb again!

    I was going to try curbside but the slots filled up so quickly I've decided I'll take my chances and go to the grocery store tomorrow. Hopefully it will be quiet.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Mae, we picked up our curb side from Central Market today. I have to say they had it well organized. Drove in to the side of store, there were signs telling you to text this number when you arrive, then they came out and put our groceries in the back. Waved, and that was it. (Didn't even have to open a window if you have a sign with your name on it for them to see).

  4. Since I don't sew, I ordered a slew of masks from various sellers on Etsy. Most have shipped, are in transit. I tried to make a no-sew one, using ponytail elastics, but I must have a huge face/head, because those elastics would NOT stay behind my ears, not even close! It worked with longer rubber bands, though. I sincerely hope the money I've spent on the Etsy products won't be wasted, that I'll be able to wear them.

    Good luck with delivery. I've done two InstaCart orders now for groceries and have learned that the key is to be VERY specific about each product in your cart, whether you want a substitute and if so what, plus where the item is in the store if it's a "specialty" item. It still takes forever to disinfect everything before it comes into the house, though!

    Take care, have a lovely Easter weekend in spite of the self-isolation. Be well, stay safe!

    1. Kim, those ponytail elastics are difficult... but it's all I had... so they work in a pinch. And after the easy time we had with our curb side pickup today, we will probably do that again instead of delivery. We were in (the parking space) and out in about 10 mins. And we got almost everything we ordered... a few substitutions, but only good ones. Here's wishing you a good Easter too (hard to believe that this Sunday is Easter/ everything is so strange).

  5. It is an especially hard time for those of us who don't self isolate very well. I've got a homemade mask and a bunch of those surgical masks that I bought a box of years ago, for what reason I've forgotten. But they are coming in handy now. I like the pretty flowered one. :-)

    1. Hi DJan! Hope you and hubby are feeling better. You should order or do curb side delivery for your groceries. It works pretty well and makes it easier to shelter at home. I know that you are probably itching to get out. My friend in New Orleans is the same. I tell her to do this too, but she likes to get out and walk to the grocery. Do wear your mask and gloves. Again, sending good thoughts your way!

  6. Good job. I wish I had the sewing talents to try but I took the easy way and ordered mine from Etsy. They came quickly and fit perfectly.
    Hope they don't let people go back to work too soon. Would hate to have to start all over again.
    Stay safe.
    Boy does that picture on the beach look inviting.

    1. Believe me, Patti, there are no 'sewing talents' here... just necessity and a willingness to try. They didn't come out too bad. But I'm glad that you were able to get some from Etsy.
      And I agree, can't imagine what they are thinking about sending people back to work when we haven't even hit the peak?
      And yes, I have some sound videos of that picture - so I sit and watch and listen to the ocean sometimes. It's so relaxing and comforting.
      Continue to stay home and stay safe!

  7. We took advantage of curbside delivery the other day. We gave them a $20 tip b/c these are the people who are keeping us alive!

    1. Great idea, Tom. Didn’t open our windows , but guess we could leave tip in back where the put the groceries...


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