Friday, April 24, 2020

scratching the bottom of the barrel here...

This is my 'mellow' look... have tea and book... need nap

Running short of things to post (as is everyone I'm sure), so  started going through some old boxes of manuscripts, essays, poems, etc. Came across this I wrote back years ago when we had Gigi...

"Sometimes late at night when the rest of the house-hold is asleep, I sit propped up in my bed with the lamp on, going through the day's events, and planning the next. This is the time that Gigi, our little gray tabby, seems to enjoy the most. Perhaps because she has me all to herself then. If I'm writing or reading, she's right there on top of the paper or book playing with the pencil or biting at the pages. Sometimes she stares so intently at the page that it makes me wonder... 
Other times she tries her hardest to get me to play. One of her favorites is 'flip the tail' - she flips as I attempt to catch it. She's very good. Another favorite is 'pounce'. She'll eye a possible target (usually my foot under the covers), wind up by wiggling her hind end a few times, then leaps straight up into the air and lands on the target, where she then pretends to tear it to shreds with her back claws and teeth. Actually I'm convinced that she greatly exaggerates her leaps for dramatic effect. She knows that these antics make me laugh. 
'Cat-watching' is a great relaxation sport. Sometimes I scribble down a few lines while I watch. Even though they will never make poetic history, they do convey my feelings." 

Here are a few:

Watching You

Watching you clean yourself - so fastidiously
Watching you play - so rambunctiously 
I know I feel a pride akin to motherhood
Having raised you from a kit
You're a happy contented cat.

Flip Your Tail

Flip your tail I know the game
Entice ad tease to no avail
It's late and I have got to sleep
Your game of play will have to keep.

The next pic is Ghost's most likely reaction to my poems:


  1. I share your love of cats. At 74 years old and many cats I am still fascinated by them.
    Wish me luck tonight. I have changed bedrooms and I used to shut the door on my small room, Princess then used to call and scratch in the morning to be let in. The door on my new bedroom does not close properly so I anticipate a night of pushing her off until she gets the message, there are 3 chairs in this room she can sleep on but I'm sure she will want the bed, lol

    1. Of course she will want the bed, Briony. Ghost sleeps with us almost every night... and growls when we move around as it disturbs her. Occasionally she will sleep on the recliner in our room (for variety I guess), but mostly she prefers the bed.

  2. What a sweet post you scraped off the bottom of a barrel!

  3. Ghost is a harsh critic:)) I really enjoyed them and the visual of Gigi distracting you as you tried to write or read.

    1. Ghost is an odd cat... sweet, but odd. She's not a lap cat and she's not much for playing (will chase the laser a bit). Occasionally she gets a little psycho, but we love her.

  4. You have always been a good writer, it seems. I truly enjoyed your description of Gigi. And of course the picture of Ghost. :-)

    1. Thanks, DJan. I don't know about the good part, but I do love to write... and since doing what you love brings you joy, I continue.
      If I had to analyse it, I'd say that since I was a shy child (to shy to speak up) that I found I could express myself better in writing. So I kept journals, wrote letters, etc.

  5. What a sweet post and great memories of Gigi. I've had a number of cats and every one of them has a different personality. Saku likes to leap on my feet as well but he is NOT gentle at all - claws and teeth are used to my dismay.

    Love the little poems too.

    1. I do have great memories of Gigi. But she was one of our cats that didn't live to an old age. She disappeared not long after we moved here. We found her collar out back by the creek.


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